Saturday, July 10, 2010

iPhone 4: Unboxing and Review

So, yes, I'm one of those people who flipped for the new iPhone 4. I'm also one of those people who just upgraded to get one, and—you guessed it—I'm also one of those people who absolutely loves it!

I ordered my spiffy new iPhone on the 2nd, a bit put off by the fact that they didn't just have one in the store that I could walk out with. Yeah, I'm a little impatient. But having the phone shipped to me did increase my excitement and anticipation, which was fun! And it actually ended up arriving earlier than I thought it would, which is extra super because that means no extra trip home from college just to pick up a phone. Because let's face it, that's kind of out of the way, even for an awesome phone.

So I came home this weekend to marry off one of my best friends, and it just so happened that my iPhone 4 was set to arrive this weekend. How convenient is that?! Waiting for FedEx to deliver it was tiring for me. I must have checked my tracking information at least a hundred times. (Yes, I'm also that neurotic.) And when it did arrive, I felt the occasion worthy of proper documenting.

That being said, here we are! A slew of pictures of the unboxing of my beloved new mobile phone.

The box has arrived! Excitement ensues.

The contents of the box.
Not sure what the thing on top is meant to do.

iPhone 4!

My brand new phone, right inside the box!

Hello, iPhone 4!

The back of my phone, black and lovely.

Inside the box.
Headphones, USB cord, plug.

Box top, contents, iPhone 4.
I could have taken more pictures, but I resisted. I do seriously love this phone, though. Very sleek, feels natural to hold, and to me it feels more solid than my previous phone, the iPhone 3GS. More sturdy, I suppose you'd say.

So now you've seen the pictures, which brings me to my mini-review. Since I've only been using the phone for a day or so, I don't have an in-depth review, but I do have some surface observations and fan-girl favorites.

To start with, as I said, I love the new design—It feels more solid than the former 3G and 3GS design. It's more like the original iPhone, which I also loved. The glass back is delightful to look at, very polished, good sharp design. The curved look is gone, so the phone is more squared off, and I like the stainless steel band a lot.

The camera now has a flash, which is excellent! I take pictures with my phone all of the time, and not every situation has great lighting, so the flash is very helpful for capturing photos in lower light, or even at night! I can't wait to really get to use this new feature. And the front facing camera is great! I haven't tried FaceTime yet, but it's nice if you want to take a picture of yourself. It takes the guess-work out of it—You know right away how the picture is going to look, and you won't cut your face in half anymore trying to gauge where to aim with the camera on the back. Love that. Also, the camera has been upgraded to 5 megapixels. Score.

The retina display is fantastic! Puts my 3GS to shame with the clarity of text, images, everything. I still can't get over how flawless the screen looks. I absolutely love it.

I haven't had a chance to try out the new HD video recording, but I hope to in the near future. I foresee numerous videos of Tucker getting taken, as I'm already hopelessly obsessed with photographing my dog.

I haven't had any of the reception issues that some iPhone 4 users have complained of, but I also bought a case more or less immediately. That's the problem with new toys; don't want to damage them! Here's the case I bought. I really like it.

I really like this case because it's a hard case, not just rubber. But it's easy to hold on to, so hopefully I can keep from dropping my phone as long as possible! Also, it snaps on, so you're sure that the phone will fit really well in the case. I've had rubber cases before that fit great at first, but over time stretch just enough that the phone fits loosely inside. I'm hoping since this is a snap-on hard case, I won't have that problem again. Plus it's purple, which is my favorite color. Fun fact. :-)

I also got a screen protector for it. (I'm neurotic, remember?) And the AT&T rep, Shadi, who helped me out, did a stellar job of putting that screen protector on for me. Props to him. He rocks. Big time.

So there you have it. I have a new phone, and I love it. And I think it's a really great phone.


MissWoodhouse said...

As your Twitter friend, I can attest to the extreme level of excitement you reached. ;) However, this post is wayyyy too good. Last night I finally convinced myself that iPhones suck and Android rocks! Now you've made me doubt/lust/envy over iPhones all over again!

Seriously though, I'm glad you like your phone. It looks fab!

Sarah Thomas said...

Hehe, yes well! I was super excited. :-)
And thank you! I’ll take ‘wayyyy too good’ as a compliment! iPhones most definitely do not suck! I don’t know much about Andriods, so I can’t say anything about ‘em. To each his own!

Thank you! It IS fab! But then again, I am biased… ;-)

Loryn said...

So jealous!!

can't wait to see the videos of Tucker, I too am "hopelessly obsessed with photographing my dog." :)


June said...

What a great review! Thanks! As a current iPhone user I cannot wait to upgrade to the iPhone 4. I was thinking I should wait until the bugs get worked out...because I keep hearing people say that..but I'm not sure about any bugs?? Anyway...I hope you will post more as you continue to use it. It may just prompt me to get mine sooner--and besides--I'm due for an upgrade already:) iPhones rock!!

♫芬妮♫ said...

I envy you got that awesome iphone 4. Wish that I could have one for myself:] BTW, it's really cool.

The Words Crafter said...

I have a friend who went swimming today. His iPhone was in his back pocket. He plans to swim naked from now on...congrats!

Sarah Thomas said...

@Loryn—Glad to know I’m not alone! I just always seem to find Tucker as the subject of my photos/videos/life. ;-)

@June—Why thank you! As of yet, I haven’t experienced any bugs! I previously upgraded my 3GS software to 4.0 and had some bugs there, but since I’ve started using the iPhone 4, things have been going swimmingly! I’ll definitely update my review after I use it a little longer. iPhone lovers unite! ^_^

‪♫芬妮♫—Maybe you can get one eventually! :-) And thanks!

@The Words Crafter—Oh MAN. That’s no fun! Nobody likes water damage. Haha!

Sara said...

Hey sarah,

My brother got one a couple of weeks back, I'm not a big fan of iPhone 4. I've just got my 3Gs so i'm kinda getting used to that first. But who knows iphone 4 might grow on me within time!!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

My family has been mac users since the beginning of time for Apple. We have been using Apple since for the last 20 years and everyone told us we were idiots and now look at the industry. Fun fact: my dad was considering putting stock into Apple about 18 years ago and if he would have put in the 5000 he was planning on putting in my family would have had 1.7 million dollars right now. *le sigh* Alas, we do not have that money. I am glad you love your new toy!! :D

Sarah Thomas said...

@Sara—I wasn’t in love with it at first, but it grew on me. Then again, I’ve always been a sucker for having the “newest” technology. Just so happens that MOST of the time, I can’t afford said technology! ;-)
I totally loved my 3GS, though. It was a great phone! What color did you get yours in? :-)

@Anonymous—Same here! All my family has ever owned has been Apple. Me and you, we’re just ahead of the curve. ;-)
Man! Having that much in Apple stock would have been awesome! Thanks for the comment!

Mike "Ki Gen" Suazo said...

Im pretty jealous of you...I've had the Blackberry Curve8320 for 2 years now :(.

*Super Jealous!

Sarah Thomas said...

Thanks! Haha. I mean, I hate to make you jealous, but… ;-)
I had a BlackBerry for a while! I liked it, except I didn’t have the right software to get it to hook up to/sync with my Mac. So that was annoying!

Thanks for the comment! Hope you get to upgrade your phone soon!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the iPhone 4S?

Sarah said...

@Anon—No, just the iPhone 4. I was tempted to pick up the 4S when it came out, but I decided to wait for iPhone 5, or whatever they'll call the next gen iPhone.