Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I'm adopted.

Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic
"All The Right Moves"

By the way, if you play the piano...
I love you unconditionally. 
2. I love music. LOVE. Music can make or break my mood, change my mood, bring me up, or bring on the tears. I love all kinds of music. It just depends on what I'm in the mood for. I associate emotions or memories with music almost without noticing. Which is great if they're good memories, but bad memories can totally ruin a song for me. For like, ever.  Right now, my favorite kind of music is the kind that—pardon my French—makes me feel like a total badass.

3. I actually suck at multi-tasking. I can't watch TV and do homework, be reading two different books at the same time, I'm not even very good at texting and walking. Typically, it seems, people my age are endlessly multi-tasking, doing a million things at once with absolute ease. That's not me. At all.

4. I lied—there's one kind of multi-tasking I can do. Since I LOVE music, and it can kind of steer my mood and train of thought in a particular direction, sometimes I do well with writing while I'm listening to music. One short story I wrote—"The Dream," which ended up being a piece of a bigger picture—I wrote listening to one song on repeat. All The Right Moves, by OneRepublic. And you guessed it; whenever I listen to that song, I think about "The Dream."

Oh snap! Chocolate.
AND it's a dog.
I'm in love.
Although I couldn't eat it.
See #9.
5. I don't like too much salt. Don't get me wrong, it adds flavor really well. And I like food with salt in it. I just...rarely add extra salt to anything. I love corn without salt. And potatoes without salt. I have a notoriously wild sweet tooth, so you'll more than likely catch me snacking on chocolate rather than chips.

6. I've never had a PB&J. Ever. No, really.

7. I have an obsessive personality. When I like something, I like it. A lot. Like, A LOT. I tend to let things kind of consume my life, depending on how long I stay interested in them. I'm pretty focused. I'm that person who can listen to the same song on repeat for...weeks at a time. It takes me awhile to tire of things that I get into. My current obsession? True Blood. Mad props to Matt Bukaty for introducing me to its delicious existence. 
(Check him out. Follow his blog, too. He's the shiz.)

My current obsession.
<3 Eric.

8. I want to be a trophy wife. I know, super life-goal, huh? Don't hate the player, hate the game.

9. I have a huge problem when it comes to eating anything that looks like what it was before it...became a meal. Like most seafood. Crab is yummy. But...I feel barbarous cracking them apart to eat them. It kind of freaks me out. And makes me feel like a murderer. Which is totally ironic, because I'm so not a vegetarian. Don't get me wrong, it's great if you are. I just love, love, love chicken. And hamburgers. But seriously, cook me a hamburger patty in the shape of a cow, and I would feel awful eating it.

10. I can relate episodes/quotes/characters/situations from The Simpsons to just about anything. Ever.

I'm somehow related to these guys. I just know it.


MissWoodhouse said...

Very cool post! It was fun to find out some new things about you...even nicer to see that we share a lot of these things. Cheers!

Matt Bukaty said...

I knew all of these things!

Thanks for the mad props, dawg. Glad to see this morning's convo didn't fall on deaf ears (almost "death") :D

My name is "wrka-wrka" Sty Pooly.


Ally said...

hahah I SO agree with the music thing. It's crazy hey.
If im upset and i need to let it all out i will put a song on that related to a time where I was devesatatingly upset.

Sarah Thomas said...

@MissWoodhouse—Why thank you! :-D
Glad you found it educational. Heheh. And it doesn't surprise me at all that we have some of these things in common. :-)

@Matt—That's because you're special! And of course our convo didn't fall on deaf—or death!—ears! It's my eyesight that sucks, remember. ;-) Besides, you always deserve mad props, boo. (almost "pops") <3

The Reading Bear said...

So, I really love this blog idea! :D It's interesting for bloggers to get to know you a little bit if they don't know you personally. I may have to steal this idea some day, just as a heads up! ^^

Sarah Thomas said...

@Ally—Exactly! I will purposefully put a song on repeat that is known to make me weep. Sometimes I just need a good cry!

@The Reading Bear—Please do steal this idea! I totally stole it from another blog—sayeuncensored.blogspot.com! It’s a lot of fun. I look forward to reading your 10 things! :-)

Maggie said...

#7 I can relate to. Current obession: Bret Michaels I know crazy but also True Blood is up there too. The Simpsons rock! Where would be without the wisdom of Homer Simpson?


Pearl said...

Eric is my fave!

Sarah Thomas said...

@Maggie—Hey man, I’m definitely not one to judge anyone else’s obsessions! Mine can get pretty random. :-) Without the wisdom of Homer Simpson, we would be a far less intelligent race. ;-)

Just checked out your blog. Very cool! I love what you’ve done with that book!

@Pearl—Eric is SO HOT that it KILLS me. Good gravy. Plus he’s tall. And did I mention hot? ;-)

Bekkah said...

My mother and I share the same..interest (lol) in Eric from trueblood, he doesnt hide any part of him nor try to be what he isn't. That's more hot than anything hehe. Meor

Sarah Thomas said...

So true. And it doesn’t help that he’s devilishly handsome all the time anyway. ;-)

Mike "Kigen" Suazo said...

I think that the Simpsons was created by God as a sort of continuing of the Bible. I just figured it out so spread the word.

2girlsonabench said...

Wow no PB&J ever, really? How about AB&J (almond butter & jelly) or SB&J (sunflower butter & jelly) wow this is fun, we could go on for hours... thanks for sharing, love it!

Annah said...


Tuesday's Child said...

What a great post...I may steal your idea too. :) My multi-tasking skills are not as sharp as they used to be...not sure why. Maybe I don't feel its that important of an asset anymore. Glad to know I'm not alone!

Sarah Thomas said...

@Mike—Haha! Right on.

@2girlsonabench—Nope, none of those either! My peanut butter was always paired with honey for a sandwich. YUM. Thanks for commenting! You guys rock!

@Annah—RIGHT? You can’t go wrong if you’ve got chocolate and Eric.

@Tuesday’s Child—Definitely steal it! It’s fun! And I’m not too torn up about my shabby multi-tasking skills either. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Woah pretty interesting facts about you (: I'm so gonna stalk you xDD

Sarah Thomas said...

Huh. Should I be worried?

June said...

Aw..Sarah--refreshing as always! I loved getting to know you better and felt a kindred spirit when I realized I share 2, 3, 4, 5,& 7 with you! Music--sets the mood, creates the mood, etc. Multi-tasking--not happening unless I am writing and listening to music--then I actually focus better! I seldom ever add salt outside of a small amount in cooking. I also have an obsessive personality:) I tend to immerse myself into whatever it is that I am attracted to at the moment....to a fault. But hey...if you want to know more about me--check out my latest blog post where I share 11 or my quirkiest quirks. I'm quite a quirky gal:) I love stopping by...can't wait to see what you do next!!

Sarah Thomas said...

Aw! Thanks so much! :-D
Music definitely sets my mood! And I absolutely immerse myself to a fault, too. I’m totally going to check out your post! Quirks are the best. Thanks so much for the comment!

Loryn said...

1. My boyfriend is adopted to!
2. I like music, I am currently looking for new things to listen too, I've been in a real country fix lately.
3. I rock at multitasking! haha. At my job I usually open a store, make italian ice (for the store), clean, count cash draws, (dance and sign), while carrying on conversations with other employees or through texting. haha.
4. I agree!
5. I like salt on things, but I've been into chocolate lately, especially chocolate chex mix.
6. I go through phases where I really like PB&J or I really hate it.
7. You = True Blood, Me = House (or law&order)
8. Totally wouldn't be the worst thing haha. I'd be pretty happy being that too lol.
9. I only eat chicken (pollo-vegetarian) and totally know what you mean- funny story- one time my dad ordered a meal (whole fluke grilled fillet) well turns out it was an actual WHOLE FLUKE, it was NASTY... eyes and all. lol
10. cartoons like that- family guy, futurama, etc = <3