Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to Reality

Giving up my small bit of summer wasn't easy. But it had to be done. Vacations are always too short anyway, not matter how long they last. Mine was two weeks. In the past few days, I have done a whole slew of things. Okay, maybe not a whole slew. But a bunch. Allow me to expound on the subject.

Firstly, and fabulously, I am DONE, officially, with Spanish 3. Now if I can just tackle the beast that is Spanish 4, I will also, officially, be done with the foreign language classes that my degree requires. This will be cause for celebration, you better believe it. How did I do, you may ask? Not bad! A solid A, that's how I did. Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Spanish 4 will have a similar outcome.

Secondly, I started my summer class at A&M. Self Defense. Today was our third class day, but our first day of actual physical activity. Can I just say, I am shamefully out of shape? Man! I had my butt handed to me during our warm up session. Yeah, just the warm up session! Which involved jogging, squats, jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, and some yoga and stretching. OUCH. But what I'm really sore from is throwing punches. We worked on jabs and such today, and my shoulders are killing me. Apparently I'm not used to defending myself. Whether by punching or by blocking. Thank goodness I have a weekend off to nurse my poor little body. Let's just hope by Tuesday I've got what it takes to have my butt handed to me again.

Third, much less exciting, I got my first speeding ticket. Like, ever. Which, to be fair, is kind of a miracle in itself. What kills me is, as mad as I am about it, I'm not mad at the officer who wrote me the ticket. I mean, let's be fair—Did I deserve it? I sure did. It just happened to come on a day that was already not going so well for me. So you can imagine the pity party I threw for myself. I'm still working on getting it sorted out, sending off a request to take defensive driving instead. Can't wait to add that to my list of things to do this summer. Spanish 4, Self Defense, and Defensive Driving. See? The list keeps getting longer!

In addition to the slew of things I've done this week, I also have a list of things I WILL do this week. Like, for example, this weekend. This weekend is a big weekend. Because this weekend one of my best friends is getting MARRIED! Yes! Exciting! Tomorrow we're getting together to give her some more presents, and Saturday is the wedding. I can't believe so many of my friends are married. I feel way too young to marry, but that could be because I still see myself as a teenager sometimes. Could it be that it's finally time to grow up? (I mean that rhetorically, of course...)

So this weekend is all about her, which is great for me. Because she's way more fun than any stinky old class or run in with the law.

Shout out in the form of CONGRATULATIONS to my friend, Christine, and her very-soon-to-be hubby, Mark. They make an excellent couple and I have no doubt at all that they'll have an exceptional life together. I can't wait to see them get married on Saturday!

That's the biggest on my list of things I'm going to do this week. Another is that my iPhone 4 is supposed to arrive at some point tomorrow. If you know me, you know this means I'm as excited as a kid at Christmas. I just hope I don't miss the FedEx guys.

But look at me. I'm just rambling now. Probably due to lack of sleep. So that's it. My journey back to reality. Vacation was nice, vacation was short as always, and once again I can't wait for my next vacation. Which should roll around, oh, a couple of weeks before my Fall semester. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.


The Words Crafter said...

I'm so happy for you that you passed Spanish! Congrats! Maybe you can buy a bulk package of're gonna need them for your summer schedule! lol. Happy Friday!

Loryn said...

How was your vacation?

Congrats on the spanish 3 & good luck with spanish 4!!

It sucks having your "butt handed to you" that happened to me when I started kickboxing and pilates. I could barely get past the kickboxing warm-up.

iphone4 = SOO LUCKY!! I want one so bad, I wish it came to verizon.

Sarah Thomas said...

@ The Words Crafter—Thank you! I’m thrilled as well! And vitamins might not be a bad idea. It’s going to be a busy summer! :-)

@Loryn—My vacation was too short! But otherwise delightful. :-) Thanks for the congrats, and the luck. Hopefully I won’t need the luck, but I’ll never turn it down!

I’m hoping as I get more used to my class, my butt will get handed to me less often. I don’t have super high hopes, but only time will tell! And maybe iPhone 4 will come to Verizon soon! You never know! ;-)

Saumya said...

Hurray for Spanish! I miss my Spanish classes :( I also took a self defense class and it helped me realize how out of shape I am. Fun post and blog!

Samantha, museumgirl22 said...

Congrats on completing Spanish 3! I know how it goes, I had to do German 1-4 as an undergrad.

Melody206 said...

That was a great blog post! Love that you're doing well in Spanish. That's soooo useful! Sorry to hear about the speeding ticket. Your cartoons are great too.

Sarah Thomas said...

@Saumya—I can’t lie, I probably won’t miss my Spanish classes. Ha! Not because of the language, but because I don’t have the option not to take a language. ;-)
YES. So far, that’s exactly what my self-defense class is doing for me. It’s kind of embarrassing! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Much appreciated!

@museumgirl22—Thanks very much! Ooh, I like German. I mean, I only know like…two and a half words, but it’s a pretty cool language! But there’s just something about taking a foreign language as a requirement that makes it a little less fun. Haha. :-)

@Melody206—Why thank you! I love that, too! And, well, I totally deserved the speeding ticket. Now I’m just dealing with the consequences of a lead foot! Definitely watching my speed now… ;-)