Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, I thought I was learning some HTML...
HAHAHAHAhahahahahuhuhuhah...*wipes brow* Whew!

Boy, I don't know who I thought I was kidding!

That there HTML stuff is a bit more complicated than I'm used to, apparently. So much so that I've grown fond of calling it HTM(hel)L. See, I've been trying-trying-trying to learn how to make a table of pictures. Thumbnails to be precise. So that I can post a bunch of pictures, but not all full sized. Instead, they'd show up in this nice and neat little row, and if you so chose to see a bigger version, all you'd do is click the thumbnail!

...Yeah...It's not quite as easy as it looks. I managed once. ONCE! Woo-hoo! But then I didn't dry my eyes out by staring at that cursed internet script for a couple of days, and so today when I sat down to try my luck again, I unfortunately discovered that all of my table-o-thumbnails knowledge had somehow completely escaped me.

Alas, it would seem I'll need at least another free 48-72 hours to figure that out. 

Yes, because I can spend hours and hours working on an HTML code, and if I walk away to get a drink of water before I finish it, when I get back I am absolutely and completely LOST. It's just like visiting a land you've never been to before, and driving along is alright, but then you look down to change the radio station and suddenly you may as well be on the moon. Because when you look up again, nothing is familiar.

Only in HTM(hel)L, not only are you lost, but your eyes also burn from trying to discern anything out of strings and strings of letters and backslashes and these little things < >!

So, forget that. I'll post my pictures later. Maybe next year. By then, surely I'll have it down.
[Don't quote me on that. Thanks.]

In other news, I'm in the creative process of reworking the look of this blog! Well, okay, I'm in the creative process of thinking about figuring out how I'd redo this blog if I knew what I was doing. (Which, coincidentally, is one of the reasons I'm trying to get a handle on HTML.) But that's just a bit of "I'm excited about it, so let me share!" news. Not for sure when that would happen or what all it would entail. Probably not much. So maybe a new banner, different colors. You know. BIG differences.

So anyway, if that comes out...I'm sure I'll post more. Maybe a countdown. That could be fun.

Also, since this post has no rhyme or reason thusfar anyway, I'll offer something else. In the interest of playing around with layouts and such -- you know, so I don't screw up mine before knowing what to do with it! -- and because I wanted to, I started another blog. If you know me, you'll know that I admit to loving Paris Hilton. That said, I've started a blog of random Paris news, updates, whatever. As if I'm the first person who's done that! In case you happen to want to check it out, it's just as easy as clicking this link. If you don't, then by all means...don't!

And - a question I wanted to ask. Does this happen to ANYONE else?
So I decide I sort of kind of maybe want to buy a new digital camera. So I have in mind this one that I'm looking at. And I've checked it out at a few different places. Then I get paid and realize if I want to buy it I actually can, so I get out again thinking that I'll look again, and perhaps be more interested in buying it than I was.

Only THEN I can't find it ANYWHERE.

Okay, I found it at once place. But I actually had a couple of cameras I was scoping out, and I only found one of them and I didn't really want to buy one without looking at the other one again. But still.

Is this just me? Am I the only person fortunate enough to suffer such a...condition?

I hope not.

Okay. I'm ending this post now. While I'm ahead. Or before I get too far behind. At this point, I cannot pretend that I'm not just babbling. Oh dear.

In closing, here's a picture of my dog Kelsi. :) Ain't she purdy?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am Pro-Life. You have been warned.

I recently read a blog by I-Don't-Remember-Who (I think possibly Perez Hilton, go figure) who described Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and VP running mate for McCain, as an Anti-Choice, Anti-Gay person. "Must mean she's against anything fun," the blogger stated. I don't actually mean to get on a soap-box, but you'll have to excuse me as I find Anti-Choice to be a very bias way to say "Pro-Life", and Pro-Life is definitely something that I am. And that is very close to me.

I am Pro-Life because, as someone who was adopted, I find it personally offensive that anyone would want to make a law that says because I wasn't planned, my birth mother has the right to decide for me that my life is inconsequential, especially if it's inconvenient for her. I find it personally offensive that people want it to be alright for her to see me as a glitch, a road bump, an obstacle, a punishment (Thank you very much, Senator Obama), a mistake, an unwanted and unacceptable result of her otherwise enjoyable sex life.

I am Pro-Life because if my mother had decided that I wasn't of any value, that I was just a fetus - not a person - and gotten an abortion, I would never have been born. I would never have had the chance to be raised by my wonderful adoptive parents, never made any of the amazing friends I have, seen any of the incredible things that this world has to offer. I never would have gone to school, gotten an education, worked, grown up, walked, talked, breathed, lived. She would have effectively caused me to "never exist".

What really stood out to me about that little article, if you want to call it that, is the twisting and perverting of "Pro-Life" into a negative form, "Anti-Choice". 

Anti-Choice? Instead of Pro-Life? Why would anyone skew it that way and make it so negative? Why isn't it okay for me to be Pro-Life? I have my beliefs and you, whoever you may be, are more than welcome to your own. But to take a stance and twist the words to make it negative just because it's not what you think is pretty low, I don't care who you are. I'm Pro-Life, but I don't call you Anti-Life. How much worse than "Pro-Choice" does Anti-LIFE sound? Think about it. Instead of "I'm for women having the right to choose," now it's, "I'm for women having the right to kill their child."

But if you want to do it that way, then fine. I'll play that game. The putting-words-in-your-mouth game. How about instead of Pro-Choice, we call it Pro the-baby's-inconvenient-so-get-rid-of-it? Or Pro- if-we-say-it's-not-a-person-we-don't-feel-so-bad-for-destroying-it?

Would we deny that a seed is, for all intensive purposes, a very small tree? Just because it's a seed, does it not have the guaranteed potential to become just what it was made to; a tree? Why is it that we throw the term "fetus" in, and toss the word "baby" out and suddenly it's not a little person anymore?

Does it make any sense that if a woman volunteers to get an abortion, it's perfectly acceptable, but if a person murders a woman who is with child they can be charged for two counts of murder?

Either it's okay to destroy the child, or it's not. Either the woman getting an abortion is murdering just the same as the person who kills the woman and unborn child, or that person shouldn't be charged with TWO counts of murder because it doesn't matter that she was pregnant - it's not actually a person with rights until birth.

We just want to feel good about the things we want. We don't think it's acceptable to call it a baby if that's going to make the mother feel like a killer instead of a woman excercising her right to choose. But if it means sealing the deal for a murderer, then sure, babies have rights!

The hypocrisy of it boggles my  mind.

I'll get off that soapbox now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Death Dealt By Blow Dryer.

Alright, I've done it again. But I swear, it was an accident! If I had known how it was going to turn out...I mean, I NEVER would have done things the way I did! Please don't judge me, for I know not what possessed me to behave so...oh, it's just so horrible.

I know, I can't believe it either!

...I killed a spider.

Well, okay, not killed...but...maimed. Effectively ruined. And I so didn't mean to! I mean, you know me - I just think about the little spider husband or wife, forever waiting for their other half to return home. But he/she NEVER WILL! And if they had little babies, little tiny spider babies, they'll never see their mom or dad again. BECAUSE OF ME!

I'm so ashamed.

But it was an honest mistake...

So there I am, in my bathroom, drying my hair. And I've been known to have daddy-longlegs in my bathroom before, so it's not like seeing one makes me scream and flee the scene. But this particular little spider happened to be closer to me than I'd like. 
Like, on the wall directly to my right, as opposed to...say...on the ceiling and across the room from me.

And my hair dryer is sending this jetstream of air out, so I think, "Hey, I'll just aim at the spider. Scare him a little. Shoo him away." So I do.

And it works!

Except for he starts running closer to me instead of farther. And his relative proximity was the problem in the first place.

So I'm thinking, "We'll see about that, mister!" and I air-blast him again. He drops from the wall and onto the counter.

HELLO! That's even closer, still! Persistent little bugger!

Enter air-blast number 3!

This time he flung himself forth, so to speak, effectively taking refuge between my sink knobs and the wall.

By now, not only am I wasting time that I need to use to be beautifying, but I'm also tired of fighting the battle. So I decide it's good enough that I can keep an eye on him. And he's not moving a whole lot. Which at first had me afraid he was dead, but then I saw him moving and figured he was just stunned. I mean, to be fair, his little spider life just flashed before his eyes, and he's surely a bit windblown. For him, a hair dryer is probably a hurricane. And I the cruel giant in control of the weather. Sort of.

Anyway. I finish drying my hair, straighten it, and I'm gone. This was at like...eleven. I have some stuff to do, and then class at 5:30, and then work at 7:30. So I don't get home until...uhm...maybe 2, 2:30 in the ever-lovin' AM.

I'm in the bathroom, reaching for my toothbrush in a kind of work-induced daze, when I realize that the spider is still where he was. And I had figured that by the time I'd gotten home he'd definitely be somewhere else. Probably the ceiling. Or hiding. From the giant with the hurricane-gun.

But no. He lay where he had fallen. And it's been a long night, I'm feeling a bit emotional anyway, (I won't go into it, but if I don't get enough sleep I get CrankyEmotionalWhineyIrritableSadAngryDepressed, all around a complete pain to be around. And this doesn't include my normal emotional state. The kind where I cry during commercials. And songs. And from looking at a picture. And movies. Books. Thoughts. Tangles in my hair. O_O ) so I think, "Great. He's dead."

And I do that thing that I think most people do when you see something and think, "Is it dead? I don't want to touch it..."

Yes. I blew on it. This is especially effective with bugs.

And sure enough, his little...I don't know...those short little things on the 'face' side of his round little body started to wiggle. So he was still alive. Only still in the same place...

That's when I notice his legs...

The ends, like...the feet part that don't look like 'feet', are all curled up. Pretty much on all of them. Like they look when the spider they're attached to is dead. And then it hits me.

The heat from my hair dryer must have basically fried his legs.

Remember how I said I was tired, and therefore emotionally unstable --moreso? Yeah. I cried. I felt absolutely awful. I would rather have accidentally killed the poor guy. But instead, I rendered him useless. Unable to walk. Or climb walls. Get food. Live. You know, those important functions.

But of course I STILL didn't have it in my to squish the guy, even thought technically I guess that would have been more 'humane', so what do I do? I flush him down the toilet.

And think, somewhere in the back of my poor little imagination, that maybe the cool water will...uh...fix his legs. And when he finds himself in the sewer he'll be able to somehow...hitch a ride on a leaf or something and get somewhere safe and sound, dry out, and smell his way back home to his loving family.


Yeah, even I'm like "Oh wow," at myself.

Needless to say, I went to bed feeling like a horrible murderer, The End.

Explain to me how I can cry over a spider, but some of my favorite places to eat are Chick Fila, Chapps (Burgers to Die For!), and Springcreek Barbeque.

**An Update**
Yeah, so after I posted this I went into my bathroom to get ready for bed... And I stepped on another spider. It's like a massacre! I'm a killing machine! :(

Friday, September 12, 2008

Evolving is Hard Work!

Can you imagine? I mean, supposedly this took millions upon millions of years, right? No wonder you'd be tired by the time you made it to 2008. That's a long freakin' trip!

Do What You Feel.

Besides being a clip from my favorite show, and never failing to make me laugh, I also think this is a great example of "It sounded like a great the time". And how maybe it's okay that we have some limits on what we do and/or say.