Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

October 31st has totally snuck up on me this year! I've had my whole month goofy, really. I can't get down what day it is, and I keep thinking it's a week later than it actually is. I don't know how I got so confused.

It may have been because last weekend was the weekend I actually did anything Halloween related. I took a trip down to Austin with my friend, Megan, and we screamed our heads off at Austin's House of Torment. It was awesome.

I will now tell you about it.

First of all, the drive was excellent. It was mostly cloudy most of the way, which is my favorite weather to drive in. The traffic wasn't heavy. And the speed limit was 70. It actually didn't take us that long to get there. Very nice!

We'd bought our tickets on-line, which turned out to be a very good thing as the line to purchase tickets was super long.

The first thing we saw when we arrived was the hearse. Observe.

Glad I didn't arrive in this.
We were also pretty impressed by the massive, creepy pumpkin-headed thing standing watch over the entrance. I took a picture of it when it was still light outside—the better to see it with.

My, what big teeth you have...
Even waiting in line to enter was fun. They had ghosties and ghoulies roaming around the lines, scaring people. You weren't even safe if you decided to make use of one of the several porta-potties they had. The monsters would go bang on the doors, or wait for you to emerge and then proceed to scare any remaining crap out of you whilst chasing you back to the line.

It was awesome.

We are waiting in line. We are ready to be scared.
They let us in in groups of about ten, and there were two different attractions we walked through. They had monsters coming at us from everywhere. They'd spring out of the walls, swoop down from overhead, or run past you only to turn back around and follow you until you were out of their room. It scared the crap out of me.

I think the creepiest, most effective part was when they would sneak up behind you—me, specifically, because this happened to me SEVERAL times—and you wouldn't notice until you felt breathing on your neck. Holy crap. Scared me every time.

They had a great mix of live actors and animatronics. And noises. I screamed a lot. I probably made a fool out of myself. I walked through the second attraction with my hands poised by my face, ready to cower, or maybe punch, at a moments notice. (I never punched. I only screamed and cowered. But my self defense teacher would have been proud that I was in fighting stance the entire time.)

Also, I would just like to say that whoever was in charge of doing make up and costuming did a stellar job. Even before the sun went down, the actors looked amazing. They didn't just look like people dressed up to be scary. They looked like straight up, disturbed, scary as heck monsters.

Megan and I particularly enjoyed BoBo the clown. We got a picture with him.

BoBo 'n me.
All in all, it was so much fun. Getting scared is pretty rad, especially when you know you're not in any real imminent peril. And my throat was only a little sore the next know, from screaming like a little girl. I would definitely recommend this haunted house to anyone who loves haunted houses. I, for one, would love to go back again next year!

After we got done there, we hit up Starbucks—because really, when don't I?—and decided to head back to College Station to catch a late showing of Paranormal Activity 2.

Megan and I had seen the first one in theaters together last year and both left seriously disturbed. I didn't sleep well that night, I'm just sayin'.

I refuse to give out any spoilers because I hate when things are spoiled for me, but I thought PA2 was a lot of fun, with a substantial number of scare-you-out-of-your-seat moments.

And it was an excellent way to wrap up our Halloween night. Granted it was a week early, but... That was Halloween for me. This weekend I'm not really doing anything Halloween related.

Instead I am going to a NaNoWriMo Kick-Off Party tonight! I will be having pancakes and gearing up for the first night of writing furiously. I already have my first chapter planned out in my head and am simply dying to get started. Midnight cannot come fast enough.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe, and frightfully excellent Halloween! Any of you guys have big plans? Haunted houses? Trick-or-Treating? Are any of you getting excited for NaNoWriMo?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Remembering Cowboy

I dreamed about Cowboy last night.

I remembered instantly when I woke up—not one of those dreams that fades as soon as you open your eyes. I don't remember everything about the dream, but I remember Cowboy. I remember petting him, hugging him, lovin' on him. Sometimes the worst dreams aren't nightmares; the worst ones are the ones that leave you disappointed and heartbroken when you wake up.

I believe in doggy heaven. Maybe it's cheesy, but I don't care. I mean, I believe in heaven and I believe that my dog is there. I can't imagine a God who would create all things—all the animals, every breed of dog—who would not want his creatures in heaven, too. And I think sometimes dreams happen for a reason.

After I woke up, I decided to go back and re-read what I wrote when Cowboy died. Ironically, though it's been about three years, I still feel pretty much the same way I did then. He had a long life, but I wanted him around longer. I hate that I wasn't there when he died, and I'd give anything to have him back again.

When I got to the bottom of one of my posts, I saw the dates. The month and year we got him, and the month and year he left us.

We got him in October.

I don't think it's a coincidence that I dreamed about him last night. For me, he was an October baby. It's only fitting that he's on my mind so often lately. The same thing happens to me in February, the month Cowboy passed away. Sometimes when I think about him, the pain is just as raw as it was when I first  found out he was gone.

Cowboy was my childhood dog. I grew up with him. He was like my brother and my best friend all rolled up into one. It's not easy saying goodbye to someone—even a four-legged someone—that has been such a huge part of our lives. I know it wasn't easy for me.

They aren't new posts, but I wanted to post the links here to the two posts I've written previously about Cowboy. Kibble, as we often called him. He was an amazing dog, my best friend, and I think it only fitting, at least for me, to revisit these posts while he's on my mind.

The first is called, "Cowboy." It tells the story, briefly, of how we came to get Cowboy—where he came from, how he got his name, and a funny story or two about him. This was the first post I wrote after Cowboy died. There are a couple of pictures of my handsome man in this post.

The second is called, "Him's a Lover Poochie, Yes Hims Is!" As the post explains, the title comes from a Luann comic strip that my Mom found in the Sunday funnies, as we call them. Somehow it stuck, and we would say that to Cowboy all of the time. This I wrote a few months after Cowboy was gone. Even though it's been about three years, the emotions I was feeling when I wrote it still pretty much ring true. The pictures included in this post are some that I stumbled on after Cowboy died. My Dad had taken them, and I'd had no idea. It was like uncovering treasure, seeing these great pictures of my special little guy.

I don't think I'll ever really be done missing my dog. I think any pet lovers out there will understand where I'm coming from. They aren't people, but they become a part of the family. Cowboy certainly was a member of our family and a huge part of our lives. You can say goodbye a million times but it never really gets easier, it just gets...numb-er. I still look for him sometimes, when I'm not thinking about it. I'll walk by one of his favorite places to sleep and glance over, expecting him to still be there. Or I'll hear our other dog, Kelsi, barking outside. Sometimes she sounds so much like him, I feel like he's still out there patrolling our yard. Even just the other day, I was talking to my Mom on the phone and heard Kelsi bark. For a second or two, I honestly thought it was him. It took a minute for me to remember that it couldn't be.

I wish I could go back several Octobers, back to the October when we first got him. Even if just for a day. It would be worth it.

The hurt never goes away. It just gets buried.

I love you, Cowboy. And I still miss you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I see London, I see France...

It was two in the morning. And admittedly, I should have already been in bed, but I wasn't. I got wrapped up in Fatal Attractions—why, why, why would you handle poisonous snakes with bare hands??—and could only bring myself to turn off the T.V. when they started playing re-runs. So then I took Tucker out for his last potty break of the night, and that's when it dawned on me.

It felt amazing outside. There was a chill in the air, a rather boisterous breeze. After spending a day on campus in almost-ninety degree weather, it was bliss.

So I came back inside, flung open the balcony door (okay, well, it's a sliding door, so..."flung" is just for dramatic effect), turned off every light except my nightlight, and kicked back on the sofa. I could feel the cool breeze, was enjoying listening to the sound of the wind and some crickets, had started to feel completely relaxed. The perfect way to wrap up a long day.

And then the SUV drove up. It might have been a Jeep. I'm really not sure. I can only attest to the fact that it was silver and full of girls.

They parked it in front of my building; not a totally unusual occurrence, since they apparently just needed to drop their friends off. Out emerged two tanned and dolled up girls. Back from a night of partying, I assume. Laughing, giggling, staggering. Drunk. And if there had been any question of their intoxication in my mind, out it went when I heard, "Oh my god, I am so drunk!"

They made it up to the sidewalk well enough, and their friends drove away past my building, did a U-turn at the next one, and decided it would be like, super fun to honk at their friends as they headed for the exit. Their inebriated friends laughed and waved and stumbled towards what I can only assume is their apartment.

It might be super fun for you two, but honey, it's two in the morning. The rest of us are not quite so amused.

After these two girls disappeared, I resumed lounging on the sofa. I was thinking, "Okay. Noisiness is over, enjoy the breeze. Relax again. Then go to bed."

But no such luck. I soon learned that the noisiness was not over at all.

Suddenly, instead of just the sound of the wind, I heard muffled country music and the roar of an engine. A red convertible Mustang pulls up, blaring his stereo—loud enough that I can hear it from the third floor of my building even though he has his windows up. And can I just say that, at two in the morning, it doesn't matter what kind of music you're listening to; if it's cranked up, it's annoying.

He parked facing away from me, headlights still on, and killed the music. So then I thought, "Well that's nice. At least he switched it off before opening his car door or rolling down a window." Only then, instead of shutting off his car and getting out, he just sat there. The headlights stayed on. And then the music turned on again.

He sat there for several minutes and then, lo and behold, who should come back on the scene but the two not-so-sober girls from before. I could hear them before I could see them, giggling and laughing, as if completely unaware of the fact that it's now two thirty in the morning and most people are trying to sleep.

They walked between my car an the car next to me, headed for none other than Mr. Mustang. Who knew?

Both of them were still stumbling a bit, and one of them ran into the car parked next to me. Her friend said something along the lines of, "Watch out for the car," or, "Don't hit the car." To which the other girl replied, "As long as it's not my car!" and, as she laughed in a manner that said, "Heheh, I'm such a rebel," she proceeded to purposefully bump into the car next to me several times as she passed by, using whatever it was she was holding in her hands to thump along the side.

Sweetheart, that's not cute.

And then, the kicker. The punch line. The you've-got-to-be-kidding-me moment.

As I watched them head for the Mustang, worried that next they'll decide it'd be funny to bang against my car, I realized that one of the girls wasn't wearing quite what she was wearing when she got dropped off.

Somewhere along the way, she had lost her pants. And shoes. All that's left is a top and her underwear.

This didn't seem to phase her at all. I had to do a double-take to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. I thought, "Surely those shorts are just really short, because normal people don't hang around outside of an apartment building in their underwear, right?"


They were most definitely not shorts.

I just can't imagine. Even when drunk, I have never had the urge to show myself in public in my panties. In fact, even when I've had perhaps a bit too much to drink, I come home, make it up the stairs to my third-floor apartment, pop a leash on my dog, and take him out to use the bathroom before we go to bed. So I don't know what this girl's excuse is...

The last thing I heard her say as she and her friend headed back inside for the second time? "Oh my gosh! I can't believe I did that! I am so embarrassed!"

Well, hindsight is 20/20. And I, for one, didn't need to sight your hind.

Live and learn.

Get'choo some.

I got all these cartoons from She is hilarious. I deserve no credit for them. I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


My Halloween cats. :-)
I don't know about you guys, but Halloween is totally sneaking up on me this year!

In fact, October is going by really fast for me. Next weekend his Halloween! I don't have any big plans, really. In fact, on the 31st I'm planning on going to a NaNoWriMo kick-off party. Not quite a Halloween party, but it'll suffice. Since I'm super excited about NaNo, if you couldn't tell.

I do plan to celebrate this spooky holiday, though! Just...this weekend instead of next.

This weekend my friend, Megan, and I are driving to Austin to check out The House of Torment.

I was watching a special—I think it was on the Travel Channel—about the best haunted houses in the U.S. One of them was The House of Torment, and when I saw it was in Austin, I thought, "What a great excuse for a road trip!"

So we're going on Saturday. I'm pretty stoked. I haven't been to a haunted house in...well, kind of ever. I went once way back when, but didn't end up doing much. I'm a total chicken, too, so I expect that on Sunday I won't have a voice from screaming so much. And if I sleep Saturday night, it'll be because I'm so worn out from feeling like my life is in peril.

But there's something admittedly exciting about being able to feel fear without actually being in any real danger. I'll report back with whether or not that actually proved true for me.

Other than that, my Halloween plans are pretty non-existent. Last year my roommate and I threw a party, but now that I'm living alone, I imagine I'll end up watching some scary movies the weekend of. I have a pretty substantial collection of them.

Also, on an semi-related note, Paranormal Activity 2 comes out this weekend! Good timing, if you ask me. What with Halloween coming up so soon. Which I'm sure they planned for when they picked a release date, but still...

Do you guys have any big and exciting Halloween plans? :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


NaNoWriMo is less than a month away! The website has already relaunched, welcoming back previous participants and inviting new people to sign up. Which I highly encourage you to do if you have a love for writing—even if you've never considered yourself a writer or a novelist. Give it a try! Writing can be very cathartic. Writing can make you realize you had something to say that maybe you'd never thought was in you to begin with.

Going along with the theme of NaNoWriMo... I have something to show you guys!

Besides shameless self-promotion and the fact that I’m super proud of it, it’s also potential motivation to any of you thinking about signing up to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year!

What do I have to show you?


Last year, one of the prizes for reaching the 50k-words mark was a code for a free proof copy of your novel! CreateSpace, an company, partnered up with NaNoWriMo to offer this awesome reward. And the coolest part? NaNoWriMo may end on November 30, but I had until sometime in either June or July to use my code!

What does this mean? This means I had plenty of time for edits, adding and taking away scenes that weren’t working or that needed to be fleshed out—basically, it meant that I didn’t have to settle for a proof copy that wasn’t tightened up.

Of course, being the procrastinator that I am, I waited until the last second to order my proof copy. In fact, I thought I’d missed the deadline, because I won’t lie—formatting through CreateSpace kind of threw me for a loop. It took me much longer than I’d expected. I couldn’t get the margins right, and admittedly my chapters still don’t start mid-page like they should. But I finally got it in.  The best part? Even though I was technically a day or two past the deadline, my code still worked! I won’t count on that again, though, just in case. But I was super excited!

The hard part was waiting for my proof copy to get to me. I had been home for some of the summer, and was between apartments at the time, so I had them ship to my home address. It still hadn’t arrived when I had to head back down to College Station and move in to my new apartment, so I was a little bit bummed about that.

But really, the excitement was…exciting. It was fun to have something to look forward to. And when it finally did arrive, my parents called me to let me know.

Instead of having them mail it to me, I decided to wait until I took a trip back home. I had a wedding to go to anyway, so I figured I'd just pick it up then.

Which I did.

And it was AWESOME.

Unhinged. By...Me!

I was surprised at how thin the actual book was, considering I had over one hundred manuscript pages. It just goes to show how different a manuscript looks from the book it will make. Can you imagine how many manuscript pages an author has when his published book ends up being over one thousand pages? Yeesh! On the positive side, I was afraid I was getting too wordy, writing too much—obviously I can afford to continue in my current writing style. Because my whole book was probably about fifty pages.

Granted the story isn't finished. I had hoped to have completed the manuscript before getting the proof copy. Unfortunately, I didn't manage that. But really, that's a good thing, right? I mean, if the story was finished at 100-ish pages, it would be more of a short story, wouldn't it? And I'm really hoping to write a novel.

Still, having a proof copy of a book, with an official ISBN number, my picture on the back with my biography, my name on the cover! Very very cool.

That's me! And Tucker, too. :-)

This experience also has made me appreciate editors even more than I already did. I can't tell you how many times I went through my manuscript looking for typos, name discrepancies (my protagonist had his name changed, then changed back) and notes-to-self, denoted [insert note-to-self here]. I thought I'd got them all, or at least most of them.

I was so, so terribly wrong.

Not only are there several typos—spell check is not fool-proof, you guys! Who knew?—there are also several occasions where my main character's name didn't make the switch back. And I have several [notes-to-self] shoved in the middle of sentences, glaringly obvious in print but somehow missed when I re-read the manuscript—Yes, I re-read the whole thing before submitting it, and I still missed all of these things.

In short, God bless editors. I know I for sure will not be self publishing because I don't trust myself to catch all of my mistakes. And I'd hate to come off as an incompetent writer my first go around.

Or really, ever.

Dedicated to my parents, of course!
What's that? Oh, just my book... ;-)
My book blurb, my picture, my bio, my barcode!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

For the love of Starbucks.

As most of you know, or may have gathered, there are a few things that I consistently like. Writing, photography, Starbucks, my family, my dog. But this post will mainly focus on photography and Starbucks. Because coincidentally, my love for both cross over quite often.

Yes. I absolutely love to take pictures of things Starbucks-related. Particularly Frappuccinos, the famous Starbucks logo, and other assorted drinks.

So, fellow Starbucks lovers, enjoy!

Starbucks at night.
Taken with iPhone 3GS
1929 Texas Avenue South—College Station, Texas

Frappuccino. But tweaked.
Taken with iPhone 4—Photo effects: Best Camera
1501 University Drive E 600—College Station, Texas

Dark Cherry Mocha! Holla!
Taken with iPhone 4
1501 University Drive E 600—College Station, Texas

My favorite study buddy.
Taken with iPhone 4
1501 University Drive E 600—College Station, Texas

One of my favorite locations in College Station!
Taken with iPhone 4
1501 University Drive E 600—College Station, Texas
The perfect travel companion.
Taken with iPhone 3GS
Location: Uh...Dad's truck, Texas.

First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!
Taken with iPhone 4
1501 University Drive E 600—College Station, Texas

Java Chip Frappuccino. At night.
Taken with Sony Cybershot
190 North Hwy 67—Midlothian, Texas

Frappuccino + Matt Bukaty.
Taken with Sony Cybershot
455 E FM 1382—Cedar Hill, Texas

I love Frappuccinos even when it's cold.
Taken with Sony Cybershot
190 North Hwy 67—Midlothian, Texas

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Break Up

You know how it is. You start out feeling optimistic but as time goes by, things get more complicated. You tell yourself it'll work out—If you just try hard enough, you can get through it.

But, tragically, you realize that you're just lying to yourself.

So you break up.

Yeah, that's how it happens. Me and math? We just broke up. It wasn't an easy decision, but in the end I'm all the happier for it. I tried to work through my issues—more like problems; more like MATH problems—but it was too much, too fast, and too difficult.

I thought I'd have regrets. But you know what? I really don't. All of the stress, and all of the time I spent desperately trying to understand the lectures, the book, the notes, was completely distracting me from my other classes. You know, the ones I actually have a chance of succeeding in.

So yesterday I filed the paperwork. Math and I are officially divorced.

Good riddance, Math. I NEVER loved you!

I still have to take Business Math for my degree, but right now my plan is to take it either online or at a community college next semester. I'm cutting it close, what with next semester hopefully being my last. But the math department here at Texas A&M is just too difficult for me.

Let me put it to you this way.

We have a student counseling center here, which as a student is free to visit (Okay, it's not exactly free. We're paying for it in our tuition costs...). When you go, you check off a box next to the reason for your visit.

One of these options is "Math Anxiety."

That's right, there are so many students here ripping out their hair over math that the counseling center has made "Math Anxiety" its own category of problem.

I don't know about you, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that if there are enough people who come in with anxiety, stress, frustration, depression over math, maybe—just maybe—A&Ms math department needs to take it down a notch.

At any rate, as soon as I handed in the paperwork to withdraw from math, it was like this huge, oppressive weight lifted off of my shoulders. Instantly my dread of going to classes, studying, doing homework dissipated. For the first time since this semester started, I'm actually looking forward to the rest of the semester instead of begging God to skip me ahead to December.

It's a good feeling.

That is all.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well hello, TOMS!

You guys voted! I ordered the shoes! And now, here they are! My first pair of TOMS shoes, in fun and funky red!

I've already worn them a bit, and so far the rave reviews hold true—these puppies are super comfortable! And very cute.

The real test will be wearing them to campus. If they're as comfortable at the end of the day as they are at the beginning, then I will 100% completely endorse the awesomeness of these shoes.

Box + Contents = Excitement!

One for One.


Shoes with sole.
Get it? Punny.

Official TOMS shoes.

First time on the feets.

TOMS and I head to Starbucks to kick back.

Thanks again for participating in the poll. I had so much fun doing this with you guys! Check back for a more complete review of my new TOMS shoes.

I'm going to get some wear out of them and then I'll let you know if they make me flip or if they're a flop.
I know, right? I should stop trying to be punny.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dog Days

Happy Dogs Rule Day!

I'll go ahead and say it up front. This post is completely photo-related. And yes, I'm obsessed with my dog, Tucker.

And since today is Dogs Rule Day, I figure it's totally appropriate to flood you with pictures of my dog, who does indeed rule.

So, Tucker and I, we like to hang out on our balcony from time to time. I think Tucker still finds it totally awesome that he can see so far, since normally he's eye level with my knees.

The other day while we were chillin' out there, I brought my camera.

These are the resulting pictures.

Seein' the sees.
Tuck in profile.
"What are YOU doing?"
Tucker. <3
"We don't have to go back in yet, do we?"

All photos taken with my Nikon Coolpix P90.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Starbucks Introduces Flavored VIA

Mail from Starbucks!
The best kind of mail? I think so.
Usually my trips to the mailbox aren't particularly fun—Nothing much to anticipate besides bills. Bills or junk mail. But Tuesday, not so! On Tuesday, my mailbox contained no bills, no junk, just a free sample of Starbucks newest addition to its popular Via Ready Brew coffee line. As of October 5, four new flavors are available in Starbucks stores: Vanilla, Caramel, Cinnamon Spice, and Mocha!

Should I admit to you all that I initially typo'd "addition" to read, "addiction"? Now there's a cosmic irony for ya.

I love the idea of Starbucks VIA. Because quite frankly, sometimes I really need want some coffee but I don't have time to make a Starbucks run. When I found out was giving out free samples to the first 100 people to comment with which flavor they'd like, I jumped at the chance!

What flavor did I choose? Mocha, of course!

Thanks for the free coffee, Starbucks!!!

I didn't actually get around to trying the Mocha VIA until today—which is when I really needed it most! I was so sleepy during by break between classes, I decided it was the perfect time.

It was super simple. Heat 8 ounces of water, find the appropriate cup, and add the VIA. The whole process took way less than five minutes.

You can heat your water on the oven, or you can be a lazy American like me and pop it in the microwave for thirty seconds.

Step One
Acquire adorable cup and packet of Starbucks VIA.
Halloween cats are optional.

Step Two
Measure out 8oz of water and heat it up!
Don't worry—Your Starbucks VIA will wait patiently.

Step Three
Pour your Starbucks VIA your cup, then add your hot water.
Yes, I did mine out of order. Oops...

Step Four

See? Look at that. Super easy. And I was too lazy to do anything to it, but I've been told it's yummy with  steamed milk. So if you try that and LOVE it, you can thank for that tip!

Personally, I still prefer myself my mochas direct from a Starbucks barista, but I'm definitely going to try this again with some steamed milk. I'm also interested in trying the other three flavors!

Check them out at your local Starbucks, or at!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Waiting Sucks.

One of my current obsessions is True Blood. I have Matt to thank for this delightful new TV show love of mine, since he’s the one who watched it and told me I should check it out. And then leant me the first and second season so that I could do just that.

Sookie and Vampire Bill
It was love at first, uh…episode. I was instantly hooked. I flew through the first two seasons just in time for season three to premiere.

Trouble is, I don’t have HBO. Big trouble. But, as my obsessions tend to kind of rule my life, especially upon first infatuating me, this was an obstacle I was eager to overcome.

I searched online. And I mean, I SEARCHED online. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent sifting through sites that wanted me to complete surveys to gain access, pay monthly fees, offer up my first born child. Obsessed as I was, I didn’t feel like jumping through all of those ridiculous hoops.

But finally, my persistence paid off. I stumbled across a website that, in one convenient place, listed each episode from each season AND sub-listed links to sites that had the episodes online. Not all of the links would work, but usually at least one out of the several would.

So I kept up with season three that way. True Blood would air on Sunday nights, and I would avoid Twitter like the plague—too many spoilers, people! Ugh!—and then Monday afternoon or evening, I’d pull up that episode and squee to my hearts content whilst watching my favorite vampires and mind-reading waitress embark on their highly entertaining adventures.

Can I have Pam's pink Uggs? Thanks.

But then, as quick as it began, it was over.

Sadly, True Blood is a summer series, so it has a much shorter season life-span than I would like. And you know what the worst part is?

I have to wait until NEXT YEAR to find out what happens after season three’s finale.

I have one word for this.


What in the world am I supposed to do for a miserable 9 months of waiting? Have a baby? No. Definitely not. But excuse me, if a break between seasons is equivalent to the amount of time it would take me to birth a child, that is simply TOO LONG, people!

So I rant about it here.

And I coo and fawn over my fanged fellas and overload you guys with pictures to make myself feel better.

Because waiting SUCKS, you guys. And not in the cool I’m-a-vampire, I-suck-your-blood kind of way. Because only Eric and Bill, and other awesome vamps get to do that.

So don’t be surprised if you see a scattering of True Blood related posts turn up on this blog. I just can’t help myself. I gotta share the True Blood love.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, behold! The shamelessly sexy cast of True Blood.

The stars. Alexander SkarsgÄrd, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer

Ryan Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's brother.

Sam Merlotte and Tara Thornton.
Otherwise known as Sookie's boss and her best friend.

Sookie's Gran, because I LOVE her.

Eric is the hottest Viking vampire basically ever. Yum.

Godric. <3

Pam, because she is amazing.

Lafayette and Tara

Arlene, Sheriff Dearborn, and Deputy Bellefleur

Two of my season 3 favs, Russell and Talbot.

Okay. That's all for now. I'm doing my best to resist flooding you with way more images than I already have. I'm trying to be good! See? It's sort of working...