Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dog Days

Happy Dogs Rule Day!

I'll go ahead and say it up front. This post is completely photo-related. And yes, I'm obsessed with my dog, Tucker.

And since today is Dogs Rule Day, I figure it's totally appropriate to flood you with pictures of my dog, who does indeed rule.

So, Tucker and I, we like to hang out on our balcony from time to time. I think Tucker still finds it totally awesome that he can see so far, since normally he's eye level with my knees.

The other day while we were chillin' out there, I brought my camera.

These are the resulting pictures.

Seein' the sees.
Tuck in profile.
"What are YOU doing?"
Tucker. <3
"We don't have to go back in yet, do we?"

All photos taken with my Nikon Coolpix P90.


Matt Bukaty said...

the 4th one is my fave because you can tell his lip is stuck on his toofus.


Sarah said...

YES! I love that.

As my Dad says to him when this toofus action occurs, "Got'cher Popeye?"

Khloe said...

I love 'em all! Tucker is adorable. I have been contemplating getting a little dog and your pics of Tucker have me convinced that I need one like him :)

P.S. I just discovered your blog and I am enjoying it immensely. Great work!


MissWoodhouse said...

Ahhh, melting over here.... Your little guy is just so cute and handsome all rolled into one adorable package. And the sweater is perfect. :)

Give Tucker a hug from me!

Sarah said...

@Khloe—Thanks so much! I can’t seem to stop taking pictures of him. Or talking about him… :-)
He’s definitely a great size! He’s right at 20 pounds. I bet you’ll love having a little dog! I’m so happy you dropped by, and thank you for the comment!

@MissWoodhouse—Isn’t he?! And I’m so glad I bought that sweater. It was clearly the proper decision! I’ll give him a hug and tell him you say hello!

June said...

Oh, dear! How could you ever resist such a sweet little face? So full of expression! Love that little dog face:) He rules in that sweater can just sense the confidence rolling off of him. Love it! Glad you have him to keep you company. Great shots!

Sarah said...

Thank you! I have the hardest time denying him anything… He knows he’s irresistible! He has the cutest face in the world. Ain’t nobody can get him down! ;-)
I’m really glad I have him here to be my buddy, too!