Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Procrastination + Snacking = 75% of My Life's Problems

It's happened again. Yes, right now I am at this very second procrastinating. It's a disease, I think. Something that by all rights should be easy to catch yourself doing and avoid, but at the same time -- for me anyway -- by the time I realize I've moved from catching up on a few emails to refreshing my Facebook page despite the fact that there's nothing new to look at, I'm usually way past the point of no return.

In fact, it's often after the constant refreshing that I meander over here and see if I've gotten any new comments. Go figure.

So yes, by now I'm painfully aware of the fact that there are many other things I could, nay should be doing. However, I am not doing them.

It's just one of those lazy afternoons. Haven't done much. I had a big breakfast/lunch at Ihop with Mom, then went to my friends house to watch Hustle and Flow. So now I can't stop boppin' my head and singing, "It's hard out here for a pimp," which I can't actually claim is the truth as I have little to no experience being a pimp.

So now that I'm home, eagerly anticipating dinner, I can't seem to want to do anything besides sit here. Listening to the sound of my typing, birds chirping outside, the ceiling fan whirring, and of course my dogs scuffling.

Our newest, Tucker, has gotten so much bigger already. And he's getting along much better with our other dog, Kelsi. And even Teddy, our cat. He's a quick learner, too, on some things. Like he's pretty good with 'sit', 'speak', and 'come'. 

Well, 'come' is a new one, but he's good at it if he's not distracted by something else. Unfortunately, we're still working on housebreaking him. It's not that he won't ever tell you when he needs to go out, it's just that he does it in the same way he says, "I want to be in there with you." - By coming to the gate (we've sequestered him in the kitchen, and used those little pet gate things) and whines. 

So if you say, "No," thinking, 'I'm in the middle of this movie, and he just wants to play,' and then find out what he was trying to say was, "IgottagoIgottagoIgottago!" then, well...trouble in paradise.

But you can tell he's trying, so that's something. 

Anyway,  besides procrastinating, being painfully non-bilingual, knowing shamefully little about the U.S. government, and handling puppy puddles, I've also managed to spend much more money than I have, get bored with my hair color, add to the list of "Things I Want SO BAD!", and fall behind on sleep.

Nothin' to it, really. Although as I've added to the list of "Things I Want SO BAD!" I've also been able to remove a few. That's something, I suppose. Or maybe it's just an excuse. I'm sure that's much more likely. 

Which, if I may digress, is something else I find absolutely fantastical about people in general.

We have this uncanny ability to talk ourselves into (or out of) anything. Rationalizing something is surprisingly easy. Sometimes alarmingly so. I can only hope that most people will rationalize like I do -- To buy the purse, to not buy the purse?  As opposed to...oh, I don't know, 'Should I rob the bank?' Haha. 

Anyway, it's very clear that I've got nothing more to say. So I'm gonna wrap this up. I want to leave you with a funny thing I saw. Actually, it's a stand up from a snack display at a grocery store. It is my belief that it embodies the very reason that the United States has an 'eating problem'.