Friday, April 10, 2015

A Game of Ketchup

Okay, ketchup is really a cheesy euphemism for catch-up. But as my last several posts have included some sort of apology or excuse for the lack of blog posts for (let's be honest, the last year or so) quite some time, I'm not even going to bother repeating myself.

I had a dream last night about blogging, and that seemed as good a time as any for an update. I've missed it, even more than I miss college maybe (and I miss college SO much, you guys). Plus, on top of the blogging bit, my dream was a good one so why not make at least part of it come true? Especially considering I don't actually remember all of it, just the part about the blogging.

A lot has happened, y'all. Lots to talk about, plenty of fodder for future blog posts. I'm still working where I've been working, but I'm a totally different person now than I was even just a year ago. Also, I have acquired a new dog. In addition to the other two, which I still have. And I had the super cool chance to work on an indie film, which I will most definitely dedicate an entire blog post (or more!) to. Lots of really cool things happening. 

As for what I'm doing right now, right this second? Well, I'm recklessly staying up late to preorder Apple Watch. (But seeing as how one of my last posts involved preordering iPhone 6, is anyone really surprised? I thought not.) I'm still in a solid debate between the two sizes, and the price points, but I'm nothing if not impatient, so come 2:01 am I'll have some sort of decision made, and some amount of money spent.

I know I said I'd review the iPhone 6 once I got it (I love it, but also sort of wish is sprung for the 6 Plus, but that's another story), but this time I definitely will be posting a review after this preorder. Because I've never owned wearable tech like this, and while I'm excited like I am for every Apple product pretty much ever, I'm also curious to see how useful I'll actually find Apple Watch to be, and how quickly it does or doesn't find its way to my gotta-have-it-every-day list.

So wish me luck, here's hoping whatever model I decide to go with doesn't sell out before I get throw my money at Apple, and thanks again for sticking with me through a blogging dry-spell and lots of repetitive promises to do better.