Monday, July 26, 2010

Fabulous 35mm

Fabulous 35mm's Audree!
I'm taking a minute to offer some shout-out love to friend and fellow Blogger, Audree. She writes a blog called Fabulous 35mm-"Does this make my film look fat?" You guys all need to go check her out!

As you can guess, she writes about film, which she really has a passion for. Raves, reviews, criticisms, she does it all—even some posts on TV shows! *coughTRUEBLOODcough* <3

You'll also get some non-film related posts, like "Be sure to wear some flowers in you hair..." about her recent trip to San Francisco (If you get the reference, you WIN), or her trip to Harry Potter World, as well as fashion tips and opinions that are equally fun to read!

If movies, TV shows, and fashion aren't enough for you, there are also a few book reviews up over at Fabulous 35mm... Just sayin'. There's a little something for everybody!

In other words, I am strongly suggesting that you mosey on over to Fabulous 35mm, like, right now. Then click "Follow." :-)

You can also follow Audree on Twitter!


Mike "Kigen" Suazo said...

Funny, I followed her blog some time ago. I like her so I'll continue to check her out.

Sarah Thomas said...

Good! Audree rocks. :-)

elizagolightly said...

YOU guys rock!