Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What A Way To Wake Up.

We're down to two pets, now. Both outdoor ones. It would seem that the terrible 2008 had to rear it's ugly head again. As I'm sure I mentioned before, the beginning of my year was awful. First my Grandpa, then my best friend- my dog, and now our cat Murphy, who was a member of this family a few years before I was.

She was 23 years old, and she held on as long as she could. Longer than I thought she'd last, actually. And of course this would happen while Mom is out of town. I wish she could have been here because I feel like poor Murphy never really got to be comforted by her momma. She left us sometime early this morning, I think, because I didn't go to bed until nearly 3 am. When I woke up at ten, there she was. In the living room, more or less where I left her when I went to bed.

So what has my morning consisted of? Begrudgingly waking up, hitting the bathroom, and finding the cat. Letting dad know and then standing outside while we dug a hole, and then distracting our dog while he buried her. 

I'll even miss her incredibly loud, I-have-to-pause-my-DVD-because-I-can't-hear-over-her meowing. And feeding her when mom goes out of town, and cleaning the stupid catbox.

R.I.P. Murphy. Maybe now Cowboy will have a friend upstairs.

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Mary Malcolm said...

I'm so sorry Sarah! I wish you told me Wednesday when I saw you. I feel horrible that you've had such a tough year. Please let me know if you need anything, okay? And I'm serious about that. My e-mail address is:, and you know where else to find me.