Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ah, L'Amour

Single white female seeking real man in it for "long haul".
  • Turn ons - Intelligence. Ability to speak the english language with competence and ease. The smell of chocolate. A sense of humor. EDIT:: An APPROPRIATE sense of humor. Ability to read minds, as it will come in handy--Trust me. Respectful attitude. 
  • Turn offs - Extreme body odor. Grease. Small insects. Phlegm. Excessive amounts of hair. Plumber's butt. Pretending to listen. Unbearable voice. Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome. Toenail clippings. Leaving the toilet seat up. Gum under tables. Not knowing when to shut up. Being a sore loser. Not understanding when you're not near as cool as you think. Intolerance.
About Me: I'm fun loving and I enjoy trying new things. I'm not picky. I love money and I like being comfortable. I plan to graduate college but I would rather not work any longer than I have to. I complain a lot and I'm sort of a pessimist, but I make up for it with cynicism. I'm loyal for as long as I can stand it, and I never ever ever ever ever ever lie, make mistakes, or exaggerate.  I am moody, unstable, out of control, demanding, emotional, easily amused, giddy, hungry, insecure, happy, crazy, intelligent, bold, mature, unbelievable, shy, independent, undecided, creative, needy, confusing, and imperfect.

Men, approach with caution.

Boys need not apply.


Mary Malcolm said...

Wow! You make yourself sound Just Lovely. And I love the video, by the way. *lol* Very funny.

You should come to the dark side and write romance novels with me. Seriously, then you no longer have to work at a normal job, you get to sit at home in your PJ's all day, and your cynicism and pessimism (how do you spell those words?) come in handy when you send things off to won't feel nearly as destroyed when they send it back with a match and ask you to burn it. *LOL*

So. Come to the dark side, Sarah. Come to the dark side.

Sarah said...

Hehe. Ah, the beauty of sarcasm. :) 'tis a wonderful thing, truly it is!

I don't know that I'd even know how to start with a romance novel. I suppose I could give it a shot and let YOU read it, see what you think. After all, you've more experience in that department than I do! I'm afraid mine would come off sounding too cheesy. :)

I DO love the idea of not working a normal job, PJs all day...Yes, that sounds lovely.

Perhaps I COULD come to the dark side...Hmmm...

Mary Malcolm said...

Easy start to a romance novel:

As Lyla wandered into the bar room, she wondered if they'd been fighting for long, or if the furniture was always this broken up.
"Hey, I'm looking for Lisa. Anyone seen her?"
The man with the fist currently flying stopped mid swing and looked at her. Not the best idea, because the one being swung at had just the opening he needed for the upper cut.
Stepping away, he held up his hand in truce as he said, "Yeah, saw Lisa 'bout an hour ago. Think she was heading over to PJ's."
Lyla turned to leave the bar, but gave one last look around the joint as she stepped out the door. The interruption seemed to have been enough to stop the fighting. She just wondered who's unlucky job it would be to clean the mess up.

Sarah said...

See, look at that. Look at you being all good and stuff. :-P
Maybe I'll give it a whirl! The worst that can happen is that I fail. Haha. :)

Mary Malcolm said...


No. I think you'll do great. Just mess around...they don't have to be serious. Seriously! *grin*

Actually, I stole the names from the comment word that was posted, and just played.

So just play, Sarah. It's fun. You'll love it.

Oh! You should come do our writing exercises with us sometime. Today it's me and Becky at JJ Mochas in Burleson. We're meeting in a little less than an hour. Fun fun!

Sarah said...

Ooh, that sounds fun! I need to find out how far away from me that is. :) Also, I don't know where JJ Mochas is but I like the sound of it! :)

Mary Malcolm said...

Do you know where Babe's Chicken is in Burleson? JJ Mocha's is on the same street. Old Towne Burleson. From than the school?

Anyway, Becky and I meet there once a week, so you may surely join us at some point if you would wish. And you can tell your friend whom I have not heard from...Ms. Heather Bennett...that she may meet with us as well. It's fun. We read each other's stuff, do round robins or other writing exercises, drink coffee and gossip about all sorts o' stuff. Fun fun! We'll be there till at least six tonight if you get the hankering to head out. Otherwise, we'll go again next weekend.

Sarah said...

I'm sure I could use google maps or something to figure out how to get there. :) I'm glad you guys do it every weekend! Surely they'll be a time I can come. I can't make it today, and next Saturday I'll be out of town for a wedding, but perhaps the week after? I will keep my fingers crossed! And I haven't heard from Heather in a few days either. :-\ I'll let her know when I talk to her again!