Saturday, May 31, 2008

Horsefly Soup is No Worse Than Escargot.

Oh you horsefly in my soup,
I'm so glad that there you rest.
I liked the soup already,
but fly-flavor makes it best!

Not any classic recipe
creates that unique taste.
Heck, if the menu said 'fly soup'
everyone would leave...with haste.

But they are just close-minded,
and afraid to try things new.
I'm sure that sometime long ago,
there were worse things in the stew.

I feel real bad you drowned in here,
or maybe it was too hot...
But whatever the case may be,
I sure am glad of what I got.

People say I'll eat anything,
and there's surely truth in that.
I once ate cream of pond scum soup.
The main course was grilled bat.

And I even like some rarer things,
like escargot (that's snails!).
So surely horsefly can't seem worse
than eatin' around some shells!

The only thing I'm sad about
is that you'll only last one bite.
But havin' my soup more filled with flies
would be an awful sight.

So thank you, Lord, for what you done
by givin' me this meal.
The fly's a bonus, you know that.
And the sale price was a steal!

So don't turn up a haughty nose
at a fly within your food.
Since all creatures are a gift from God,
that would just be rude.

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Horsefly Soup is No Worse Than Escargot by Sarah E. Thomas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


Mary Malcolm said...

I don't know if I've said this within the past day or so, but you are a funny girl.

I once had a mayfly under a piece of pepperoni in my Domino's pizza...I've not been able to eat Domino's since then.

AND, I included the mayfly thing in one of my novels. *lol*

But I'm glad you enjoyed your fly soup. I'll feel less guilty inviting you to come at at my house now, now that I know your tastes run toward the, um, questionable.

At least you won't be as grossed out when you have to wade through the tides of dog fur that ebb around our floors.

Atlas Cerise said...

When you order some soup for your lunch

And a slurp of your spoon makes a 'crunch'

It could be a fly

But I don't think you'll die

Then again, I'm not sure. (It's a hunch.)