Monday, May 5, 2008

True Love is Never Having to Say "I'll Do That"

Never knew until I met'cha
how sweet this life can be.
And I'm willing to bet'cha
that it's all because of me.

I know that don't sound lovey,
but I promise that it's true
because without me, honey
I don't know what you would do.

I don't take out the garbage.
I don't cook and I don't sew,
but you can't be mad about it
'cus it keeps you on the go.

And just you think, my darlin',
if I did those chores you asked
you'd have too much time to sit around,
the time would never pass!

You can call me good-for-nuthin'
but babe that just ain't fact.
I let you know when the toilet's clogged
with quite a bit o' tact.

And if the dishes should pile up
all crusted with old food,
you can count on me to warn you, dear,
you know my word is good.

So next time you throw my stuff about
and pack up all my clothes,
you best think twice 'fore you throw me out.
I bet you'd miss me if I go.

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Anonymous said...

i reckon this is are fyoochur in writin'.

huhuh. W.T. <---- yikes!