Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homeward Bound

Can I just say, a little vodka and orange juice sure will make a three hour flight more interesting. Especially when the orange juice is complimentary and you get to keep the mini vodka bottle.

This past week has gone by SO fast. Isn't that always the way of it? Vacations fly by and normal every-day life slinks by languidly while we wait for something exiting to come up again. From last Friday to this Friday, I've done so much. I've taken literally over a thousand pictures. I've been to a ton of places I'd never seen before, or only previously seen in photographs or on television. And right now, I'm looking down on mountaintops.

It's been an awesome experience.

I've walked all over New York City, I've seen Central Park, been on top of the Empire State Building, traipsed through Times Square (both day and night!) dined at Mesa Grill, tackled the subway (and not fallen over), been awestruck at the Met, and that's not even the half of it.
I'm sure this trip and subsequent photos will end up making their way into several posts. Theres just too much to cover in only one. And if I were to attempt such a thing, the outcome would probably be much longer than anyone would want to read.

And I've got way too many pictures to fit into posts, so instead of flooding you with ALL of my trip pictures here (seriously, over a thousand), I'll be uploading them to this blog's Facebook page so you guys can feel free to browse through them there. I'll post a link once I've had the chance to upload them.
New York City
Taken from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.
Going home is bittersweet. In many ways, I'm ready. I miss my dog, and I suppose I'm a little homesick. This Texas girl isn't used to big city hustle and bustle. But at the same time, one week isn't nearly enough time to see and do all of the things I'd wanted to. Still, all good things must come to an end, and it's been one heck of a good thing.

I can't wait to share it with you guys.

I'm also pretty excited because I have decided to finally try my hand at scrap booking. I've wanted to for some time now, and this trip seems like the perfect excuse to start. I've got a lot of photos, receipts, tickets, and knick-knacks that I think are perfect scrap book fodder. So wish me luck! It'll be a whole new endeavor.

For now, I'm going to curl up with a book (The Town That Forgot How To Breathe, by Kenneth J. Harvey, in case you wanted to know) and hope this three hour flight flies by (no pun intended) smoothly.

Maybe I'll get another vodka and orange juice.
(I did get another vodka and orange juice.)

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Linda Chapman said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to you r future blogs on this wonderful trip!

Debbie said...

Can't wait to hear more.

lines n shades said...

that's a great view of new york city. thanks for sharing :)

Melody206 said...

Maybe we'll see a second blog post of the scrapbook? :) Sounds like an amazing vacation. Glad you had so much fun. Welcome home.

Matt Bukaty said...

so you're coming back next week right? right? heh...

how's the book??


Cams said...

The view of the New York City was very awesome. I missed New York.
I remember when I was there I used to go the streets just to see the city at night. The lights of the city really captures my attention.