Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy 40th Anniversary, Starbucks!

If you know me, you know I love Starbucks. And as such, I've been really enthused about all of the changes coming to my favorite coffee company. Not too long ago, Starbucks unveiled their new logo, and today—to celebrate their 40th Anniversary—the new logo made its way into stores across the country! And it brought friends!

There's a whole slew of new merchandise boasting the new Siren logo, new treats, new Starbucks cards, and new drinks! For a full list of 40th Anniversary merch, check out the Starbucks website.

The first thing I did when I walked in was check out the new displays. They were chock full of Tribute blend coffee and Tribute VIA, plus some new drink-ware—mugs and tumblers galore!

New displays! Hooray!
Happy 40th! Tribute blend for all!
Petites! Scrumptious little treats.
The Cocoa Cappuccino made its debut today, and if I do say so myself, it's quite delicious! It's got a great cocoa flavor, and it's very bittersweet. I loved it.

Trouble is, it's only available for a limited time. So I'm trying not to get too attached. It's really yummy, though. I definitely recommend it for those of you who, like myself, really enjoy a nice bitter cocoa flavor.

My cup and cup sleeve both boasted the new Siren logo, and I have to say, I really like it. I will still miss the old logo—after all, that's the logo I've always known, ever since my love affair with Starbucks began. But after seeing the new logo in action, actually on the cup, actually on merchandise, I really like its simplicity. It's very minimalistic, clean, and it means that Starbucks can stand on its logo alone; the words "Starbucks" and "Coffee" aren't necessary to identify it as a brand. Not too many companies can say that.

New logo, new sleeve!
My tall Cocoa Cappuccino and the new Siren!
Of course they didn't totally ditch the "Starbucks" name.
Old Siren, meet New Siren!
I paired my tall Cocoa Cappuccino with one of the new Starbucks Petites pastries, the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. Oh, it was delicious. Simply delicious! And relatively guilt free! All of the Petites are under 200 calories! In fact, my Whoopie Pie was 190. And I'm serious, it was fantastic. In fact, just writing about it has got me craving another one. Bad.
Way too yummy, seriously.
As for the merch I picked up—I wanted to buy all of it! No lie! But...I couldn't afford that. So I 'limited' myself as best I could.

I picked up the new Siren logo mug, some Tribute VIA, and an adorable little tote! Oh, and the new cards, of course. I have every intention of going back for one of the tumblers and the Tribute ground coffee + canister. Awesome.

New cards! New magnets will be on my fridge soon. ;)
My new mug! And Tribute VIA!
My 'makeshift' VIA holder.
Starbucks tote!
Obviously, I had a great time checking out the new Starbucks stuff and wishing a happy birthday to the Starbucks siren. If you haven't had a chance to invite yourself to the festivities, I highly recommend that you do! I mean, you know, if you love Starbucks as much as I do. I can't wait to see where the next 40 years takes us!


Melody206 said...

Hi Sarah! Great post! I particularly love the new mugs. Very beautiful. The whoopy pie wasn't totally my favorite - Try the cupcakes! Anyway, I'm with you this is a very exciting time and now the Siren can stand totally on her own!

June said...

Oh dear...that is the exact little treat I would have picked to eat...love those:) Have wondered how the Tribute tastes. Have you tried it yet? I like the really bold VIA (Iforget the name). Wondering how it compares?
Well....I simply must get the bag--I'm crazy over bags of all kinds. Thanks so much for the info....will have to make a trip to Starbucks...perhaps tomorrow!

Matt said...

As a new Starbucks employee at the SSC it was pretty exciting to have all the 40th Anniversary festivities today! I too picked up the new mug and a bunch of Tribute VIA and whole bean coffee this morning... so awesome! Great post!

Sarah said...

@Melody—Thank you! Yes, I love the new mugs. And if the woopie pie wasn't your favorite, that just makes me think the others must be even more delicious! I will definitely try the cupcakes next!

@June—I couldn't resist it! I was trying so hard to be good, but then the barista asked if I had seen the new mini treats, and...I caved. (I'm glad I did!) I tried the Tribute VIA this morning and I really enjoyed it! And I love the bag. It's small, perfect for taking a lunch, or bringing a few books along with you! Let me know how you enjoy the woopie pie!

@Matt—Ooh, I bet! I was really excited and I don't even work there! Thanks so much for the comment!