Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Day Is It Again?

I seem to have completely gotten off on my days. After Christmas, what day it is gets really unimportant to me. I tend to revert to child mode and spend the following days immersed in playing with my new toys.

I'd sum it all up, but this years Christmas deserves more than that. So I'm working on a post about Christmas and the events of that wonderful day. Pictures will most definitely be included. And, since my entire family is made up picture takers, I have (easily) a hundred pictures to dig through to find the best and brightest.

So consider my "Yay Christmas Day!" post Coming Soon.

In the mean time, I hope all of you had a fabulous Christmas! Was Santa good to you? Or were you on his naughty list?


Samantha said...

Happy Holidays, Sarah! I, too, am so off on my days. I'm working crazy holiday hours instead of my usual nights and weekends, since the library cloes early during the holidays. Plus, with the school break, I'm always thinking it's a different day!


Sarah said...

I'm the same way! Having a break from school totally kills my usual semester routine. So I stay up too late, sleep too late, and do basically nothing all day. It's nice, except that...I feel like a complete bum.