Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Give Me Fever

Well, something did anyway. I'm not sure what I caught or when I caught it, but it's really put a damper on all of the stuff I had planned for this week. I move in less than a week, and I'm starting to worry about the time I'm losing laying around being ill. I think if things aren't looking up by tomorrow, I may have to pay the doctor a visit and see if we can't get this taken care of. Because really, I'm over it.

Tucker has been a good sport about things. He'd rather play fetch, I'm sure, but instead he takes naps on the sofa with me and counts his blessings when I DO have the energy to throw the tennis ball for him. Poor kid.

I'm just glad I'm home this week, and not at my apartment. Even at 23, it's nice to have a Mommy to take care of me.

At this point, I kind of hope I end up going to the doctor. Maybe he'll drug me up with something that'll help me rest. Ironically, the pills I'm taking, the ones that usually knock me out if I've just got a runny nose, haven't been helping me sleep at all. In fact, I've actually had less sleep since I got sick than I usually do. That doesn't make sense to me at all.

So much for enjoying this week.


Californian said...

Good mom. Lucky.

Flávio Miguel Mota Pereira said...

its not a fever that stops a women for doing what she wants to do.
just kill the fever in your hearth and you be ok.
really, use your forces to relax and kill the fever from inside, it will make you much happier

MissWoodhouse said...

Awww, I was hoping that you'd feel better after the chicken soup. :( Keep trying to rest!

APARNA said...

get well soon...missing your lovely posts...

sobia said...

hope u get better soon...and i guess u should pay a visit to the doctor
Regards Sobia

Kess said...

Hope you feel better soon Sarah! Being ill is never fun. I agree, you're never too old to have your mom take care of you :)

Sarah Thomas said...

@Californian— Yes! I'm very lucky. :-)

@MissWoodhouse— I'm sure the soup helped! Thanks! Rest, yes. That's the plan.

@APARNA— Thanks! Hopefully I'll be all better and blogging again soon!

@sobia— I am officially going to the doctor tomorrow! Hopefully they'll know what's the matter with me!

@Kess— Fortunately my Mom agrees, and doesn't mind being my Momma-nurse. :-)

Anonymous said...

i love your blogs. God bless. :)

The Reading Bear said...

i hate getting sick. it is the worse thing when you are alone trying to take care of yourself. I had a terrible case of some type of stomach bug and I was in my dorm with my boyfriend who was nice enough to take care of me. But Mommy's are definitely the best. =)

DaphneB said...

Even at 27, with two kids of my own, it's nice to have a mommy to take care of me. Hope you feel better soon. said...

Sorry you're sick, Sarah...I'll be praying for you and for Tucker too!
I'm glad your mom is able to care for you; my son is away in the Air Force, and I hate it, as a mother, when he's not feeling up to par and I can't be there for him. So, I spoil him when he's home :) .
Even at 48, I still need my mommy and daddy sometimes. My husband and I were talking last night about that...his mother (87) made him homemade chicken noodles 'cause he's not been feeling well & my dad (73) made me pancakes, eggs, & sausage when I visited him & my mom yesterday( it tasted soooo good! Anyway, you get better soon and the Lord bless!!!

Herrad said...

Please check out my post from Tuesday May 25 called Sunny Days and Blogs and collect your One Lovely Blog Award.
Enjoy visiting your blog very much.
Have a good day.

jnana said...

Get well soon!

I'm currently living in fear of catching my mom's chicken pox and having to miss a week's worth of lectures!

Anonymous said...