Saturday, May 29, 2010

T.V. Coma

I have watched so much television in the past few days to last me for several months. I'm so tired of laying on the sofa. But for the time being, those are pretty much my activity options.
Starbucks Frappuccino. One of the few things
that's made me smile lately.

I mentioned getting sick in my last entry. I ended up going to the doctor a day or so after that post, and it was there that I learned that my lovely illness is actually strep throat. So I've been on antibiotics for a couple of days now. I feel tons better than I did. It's kind of fantastic how quickly those antibiotics kicked in and boosted my energy, my I-feel-good...ness, my morale. I still have two days worth of antibiotics to take, so hopefully by then I'll be back to 100%. But for now, even though I've got some energy back, and my head hurts much less consistently, I'm worried I'm still contagious. So I'm stuck here, watching the boob tube, kicked back on the sofa.

Tucker doesn't mind being my napping pal. :-)
I know, I know. It doesn't actually sound too bad. And truthfully, it's been nice to have little to no responsibility, aside from taking my medicine on time. And Tucker's been a good sport about being my napping buddy. But most of my movies are still down in College Station, and there's only so many hours of Court TV that a person can watch before going nuts. And the fact of the matter is, I've only got a few more days left before my summer classes start. Being sick just isn't how I intended on spending some of my few honest-to-goodness free days of summer. That being said, at least the week I got sick was a free week so I didn't miss anything I needed to be doing.

Yesterday I had myself an animated movie marathon, which was pretty fun. Anastasia, The Lion King II, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was quite fun. And either tonight, or tomorrow night, I'm going to watch Avatar. :-)

Despite my not feeling so good, I'm still super excited about the move. I'm down to three days! The rough part is, I haven't had a chance to pack anything because getting sick has delayed my going back to my apartment to do the packing. But...nevertheless, I'm still pretty darn excited.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend so far!

And I hope nobody else got as sick as I did!


Louis Duke said...

I'm sick too! I watched the Harry Potter series though, tomorrow is Avatar. haha.

Donda said...

You can never use "coma" and "TV" in the same sentence. There is nothing better than TV! Glad to hear you are feeling better though.

The Words Crafter said...

Stinks to be sick! And you're getting ready to move, too! At least you got to watch some really good movies and I hear Avatar is great...glad you're on the mend and good luck with your summer classes!

William said...

Be thankful. Someone is usually sicker than you.

Trish said...

Thank goodness for antibiotics. Antibiotics kick strep throat's butt.

Herrad said...


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Muzamil said...

u talkn of weekend, m having boring past couple ov weeks as de xamz hv made me paralysed,.. gonna take 2 more weeks to end,...:) no movies, no fun,.. what a shit..,:(

Sarah Thomas said...

@Louis Duke—I hate being sick! But I love watching Harry Potter. :-)

@Donda—Haha, true. I do love TV!

@The Words Crafter—Yes! I’ve had a lot on my plate, but I can’t complain. I have enjoyed the movies! Thanks for the good luck, I’m totally going to need it for these summer classes. Eek!

@William—Very true, and very well said. I’m blessed; things could be so much worse!

@Trish—Antibiotics are fantastic! I can’t believe how quickly they got me feeling better!

@Herrad—Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

@Muzamil—I hope your weekends get un-boring soon!