Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tourin' Texas—The Baker Hotel

Mineral Wells was the first stop on our trip. Dad and I took some time to check out some cool stuff, including the Baker Hotel. Rumored to be haunted, the Baker opened in 1929. Just two weeks after the stock market crash, actually. The hotel went bankrupt in 1932, reopened in 1965, but seven years later it closed down for good. In fact, it's for sale now if you want to buy it. Which, let me just say, I think would be awesome except that it'd be a beast to restore. There are several different accounts of several different ghosts being seen at the Baker. I didn't happen to see one, myself, but that would have been pretty cool.

Dad and I spent a lot of time at the Baker, taking pictures, walking around the exterior. It's a shame it's closed, because I would have loved to go inside. But oh well! It was still an awesome old hotel, and an interesting subject to photograph.

So here we go! The first batch of photos from our road trip. And yes, there are a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

The Baker Hotel
Mineral Wells, TX

The Baker Hotel

The top of the Baker.

The Baker is in dire need of window repair.

Sky high.

The bridge to the courtyard.


A glimpse into the courtyard.

Side view.

Up top.

Window detailing.

The view down the street.

The fountain in the back.

This is the garage across the street. Still a part of the Baker Hotel.


Architecture detailing.

A building in the courtyard.

View from the front.

Down the side of the Baker.

Front entrance.

Front entrance, plus me. :-)

Anyone else see my name spray painted on a pillar?
Could the ghosts be calling out to me?

Outside lighting detailing.

A different perspective.

More architectural detailing.

The back entrance, possibly used for deliveries.

The Baker from the back.


The Reading Bear said...

I have to say, I would have loved to have seen it during it's hay day! was that a pool in the courtyard? Because that thing was massive. LOL So about the ghosts? Were there only reported sightings? or?

Sarah Thomas said...

Me too! And yes, that was a pool! HUGE.
About the ghosts—from the little bit of research that I did, I didn't find any actual pictures or anything. My Dad said he saw the Baker on some ghost hunting TV show. My new goal is to find that episode! And figure out which show it was on... :-)

Here's a link to a cool video walkthrough! No ghosts, but some better peeks at the interior of the hotel.


Reading Rachel said...

I wish we could have seen the inside as well, that would be cool. I'm actually a bit shocked that they haven't come in and torn it down to put up a Wal-mart.

Sarah Thomas said...

They had it all boarded up, unfortunately! But I peeked inside when I could. I’d love to tour the place. I hope they restore it and don’t tear it down. That would be such a waste!

Airali's Couture said...

Wow! You are a real photographer! I like see your photos, they make me know a different place besides my home. It's so interesting because I can't travel very much.

The hotel is very beautiful, it has a very personal style :)

Debbie said...

I really enjoyed this post, and looking at videos of the Baker! What a feast for the imagination. :-)

Congrats on being a Blog of Note..I look forward to reading more by you!

Blessed Rain said...

what a posh and beautiful building too bad it's not been taken care of.

Sarah Thomas said...

@Airali—Thank you! Glad you like the photos. They were a lot of fun to take!
I love the hotel, and I really hope they restore it eventually. It would be so beautiful!

@Debbie—Thanks! Yes, all kinds of stories come to mind when looking at this cool old place. Some of the ghost stories about it are pretty cool, too!

@Blessed Rain—I agree, such a shame! I’d love to see it all spruced up!

uduak said...

Nice place, thanks for the pictures i'm in africa but now i can say i've been to the baker's hotel thanks to you.

Sarah Thomas said...

You’re welcome! Thanks for commenting. :-)

Airali's Couture said...

Yes, it would be so beautiful! In a city near my home, an old hotel has been restored and now it's a very very beautiful hotel.
I will put some photos of my country, I live near the sea that is very lovely! :)

amin.org.uk said...

"dire need of repair" I believe is an understatement. Its a shame we let so many good buildings go to waste!

Olivia said...

wow. that's all I can say!

APARNA said...

Nice pics...Btw, I did see your name. If you do find anythign more about the ghosts...share that like you did with the photos...


PS. I am following your blog...all credit to your writing style...

Sarah Thomas said...

@Airali—I’d love to see those pictures. :-D

@amin.org.uk—So true! I’d love to see it restored.

@Olivia—Thanks! Appreciate the comment.

@APARNA—Thank you! There’s a bunch of websites with ghost stories. If you just search “Baker Hotel Mineral Wells ghost stories” you’ll find some! Here’s a website I came across that had some information: http://www.texasescapes.com/TexasPanhandleTowns/MineralWellsTexas/BakerHotelGhosts.htm
Thanks for dropping by! And thanks for following!

Airali's Couture said...

Sure ;)

Airali's Couture said...

Hei Sarah, look that and tell me with a little comment if you like it please! You'll make me happy because you are my first "commenter" (I don't know if it is wrote right... is a new word :D)

Thank youu! ;)


Cathal MacFadden said...

Its a pitty to see such nice buildings get into such a bad condition.

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Simone said...

That's to bad they didn't let you inside. I'd love to see how it all looks. And how the heck did your name get spray painted on a pillar? That's just weird!

Sagar Shah said...

Really great photography. You took almost each angle of the massive hotel. One can visit the hotel virtually looking at your pics...

Chanthida said...

Hey i just found your blog on the "Blogs to Note" tab and thought I'd click on it, and I'm surprised to see pics of the baker hotel because I am from mineral wells and i live like right down the street from it lol! My friend had her 13th or 14th birthday in the baker and we got to tour, it was pretty neat but creepy. Someone had bought it a while back to fix it up but it soon went back on for sale so yeah it kinda sucks, it holds alot of history for this small lil' town.

D8X8 said...

I'd love to sneak into that hotel at night. That place is DEFINITELY haunted!