Sunday, May 16, 2010

Celebrouhaha! It's a new word.

*celebrouhaha; celebration + brouhaha
Celebration meaning—an act of celebrating, the festivities engaged in to celebrate something.
Brouhaha meaning—An uproar; a hubbub.
Celebrouhaha; an uproarious celebrtion; festivities resulting in a hubbub
Or something of the sort.
What can I say? It's a totally made up word.

In this case, the "celebrouhaha" is concerning my birthday. Which is today, by the way. :-)

I love cupcakes for breakfast.
I can't believe I'm twenty-three years old. It seems like only yesterday, I was learning to ride a bike. Climbing trees. Rushing through lunch so I could go play outside, make mud pies, play with my toys. It's like I was only eight yesterday. Where does the time go? For the longest time I was sure sixteen would never come and I'd never get to drive. Looking back, I'm surprised it's been so long since then. Man, does time fly!

Sleeping in a little this morning was like an extra birthday treat. Mom and Dad had already left for church when I finally flung myself out of bed, bleary eyed and yawning. They left me a birthday card in the kitchen, accompanied by a cupcake. The cupcake is no more (it was delicious!) but the birthday card remains. ;-)

Is this not like the cutest birthday card ever?
I almost didn't make it to Sunday school on time, but when I got there the Sunday school class sang Happy Birthday to me and Mom passed out more of those fabulous cupcakes (I'm pretty sure I ate like...five...). So that was a nice surprise!

After church, I had lunch with Mom and Dad at California Pizza Kitchen. Basically my favorite place to eat pizza. Even as my belly was filling and I was thinking, "Lord, I can't eat much more!" I was looking down at my plate, thinking, "Oh MAN! I can't believe there's only three pieces left. BUMMER." Yeah, it's that good.

And since we were in the area, we headed over to Grapevine Mills to browse the stores. I was on the hunt for a present. The plan was, at least in my optimistic little brain, to find a really cute purse somewhere and bat my eyelashes as many times as it took to convince my parents that it was the perfect birthday present. Alas, I did not find a cute purse. But I did find two adorable lantern things for my patio when I move. Candles go inside! They're going to be awesome. I also found a really cool big glass vase with trees and birds on it. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for yet, but it's equally awesome and therefore I will find a place for it.

My super cute lantern thing. I got 2 of 'em.
My big glass vase, complete with trees and birds.
We finally left the mall because it was super busy and we were tired—especially Dad and I, who just got back from our three day excursion yesterday! On the way home, we dropped by Starbucks. Because I'm hopelessly addicted and, having not had any caffeine yet I had developed quite a headache. Plus today was the last day of Frappuccino Happy Hour! Half price Frappuccinos. What could be wrong with that?

Now we're home again, and I consider today's birthday celebrouhaha a success. Such a success it deserved this new and exciting word that me and my friend Matt (who also blogs, if you care to check him out) made up not too long ago. Mom's making us nachos for dinner, and I think we're going to pop in a movie. I'm looking forward to curling up on the couch with my family and my dog and relaxing for the remainder of my birthday.

It's been a good birthday. :-)

One more thing—pictures from our trip are forthcoming! I have many of them, so I'm sorting through the best ones. Expect many a picture in the near future. :-)


Matt Bukaty said...

Hell yeah! Celebrouhaha = us win.

Happy Birfday again! Wish I wasn't in NYC!

-Maceij Bukata ;)

P.S. Ration?

Sarah Thomas said...

Yes indeed! If you weren't in NYC, we'd probably be watching movies right about now! :-)

In fact, I'm sure we would be!

Ben Burleigh said...

Happy Celebrouhaha...Day... (did I even spell that right?)

Hope its your best yet. Good post :)

Sarah Thomas said...

You spelled it just right! Thanks Ben, I had an excellent celebrouhaha. :-)

Edgardo A Cruz said...

Swit Sarah, your pencil to paper is cool. Mabuhay ka! The Holy Spirit reigns with abundant grace and its splendor far exceeds into our hearts and mind. Its flicking ray struck your soul.

Blessed Rain said...

Happy Birthday!
Love the new word, and nice haul for your birthday!

Dave said...

Hey Sarah, Congo on turning 23... i'm kinda getting addicted to reading ur blog...(i secretly read it in my office when the manager is not around, lolz....)
upload d pix soon, catch ya l8r. ;)

jnana said...

Happy Birthday! =)

Kess said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I'm glad you had a super day. I really loved reading about it! :)

photo ex machina said...

Happy birthday!

Queenmatrai said...

Cool word and a cooler blog :)

Sarah Thomas said...

@Blessed Rain—Thank you! I thought so. I love my new stuff! :-)

@Dave—Haha awesome! Don’t get caught! :-P

@jnana—Thank you!

@Kess—Thanks! Me too! And I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it. ^_^

@photo ex machina—Thank you!

@Queenmatrai—Thanks, I appreciate it!

The Reading Bear said...

HERZLICHEN GLUECKWUNSCH ZUM GEBURSTAG! Happy Birthday Dearie! From the sound of things it was everything you wanted and more. =)

Amber said...

I'm pretty sure that celebrouhaha is the best new word ever.

And I know what you mean about this getting older stuff. Sucks! I'm 26 now and I still do not feel like it at all. Happy Belated Birthday!

DaphneB said...

Happy Birthday to you! I must say that I truly enjoy reading your entries!

PS- LOVE the big vase; it's lovely!

Polly said...

I am so glad I was a part of the celebrouhaha! It wasn't near the celebrouhaha that happened 23 years ago when your Dad and I left the adoption agency with a little tiny girl in our car-seat.

Happy happy birthday!

Love, Mom

Sarah Thomas said...

@The Reading Bear—Thank so much! :-D Yes it was quite a wonderful birthday.

@Amber—Haha it’s a good word. I agree. I am proud of it. ;-) Yes! It’s weird to get older and not FEEL older. Thanks for the happy birthday comment. :-D

@DaphneB—Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. And yes! Isn’t that a cool vase? :-D

Sarah Thomas said...

Thanks Mom! I LOVE YOU. I’m glad you were part of my celebrouhaha , too. :-D

museumgirl22 said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on Blog Note..that's actually how I came across your blog...I'm new to this whole blogging thing!

Room to Think said...

happy belated birthday! great word! u got mentioned under the blogs to note link.

Edgardo A Cruz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH,your prose on "Celebrouhaha..." is breezy... I sent this poem for your birthday...mwaaah

Knotted Passion
By: Edgardo Arevalo Cruz

Set upon the penance his wrongdoing,
But have communion and reflect
The love of God and Neighbor.

In knotted sacrifice,
That with loyal care for human race,
God preserves
The secret of silent passion of Christ Jesus
To appease and reassure
The human spirit.

Our admiration worries
Healing of memories and responsibilities,
But brilliance of the law of Christ Jesus
Imparted it in smooth salvation
To open our hearts
To his restoring love and mystic pride.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 5:25:08 PM

BruceWu said...

happy birthday,even if later

sueanne said...

love your big glass vase..

Sarah Thomas said...

@museumgirl22—Thank you! On both counts. I just checked out your blog! So cool you got to see the museum before and after hours. I bet that was amazing. Looking forward to reading your blog! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Sarah Thomas said...

@Room to Think—Thanks! I appreciate the comment!

@Edgardo A Cruz—Thanks for the poem, I really enjoyed it. God bless!

@BruceWu—Later is always fine. :-) Thanks for commenting.

@sueanne—Thanks! Me too! I’m excited to figure out what to use it for. :-)

APARNA said...

Belated wishes...

Nice word...shall try to remember to use it sometime..

Great that you enjoyed your birthday...


Holmesy said...

Hey. Well done on becoming blog of note the other day by the way :)

If anyone reading this has time please visit my blog "thoughts from holmes" at:

Thanks :D

Julian Seepersaud said...

Hi Sarah, I found your blog via "Blogs of note" ... and I find you very interesting! I am following you now, and look forward to reading more. Just wanted to drop a quick message to say hello. :)

- Julian

LadyLindy said...

I'm late but...

Happy Birthday dear!

Sarah Thomas said...

@APARNA—Thank you! :-)

@Holmesy—Thanks, I appreciate it!

@Julian—Thanks, I’m glad you dropped by! And hello to you, too.

@LadyLindy—Late? No way. No such thing! ;-) Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday!

Kimberly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,SARAH!!!Love the word...gonna share it with my kids...they're always saying brouhaha...they will love this. You probably just started a new trend like, "let's go celebrouhaha tonight", or "want to celebrouhaha with me at my place?" or, "Celebrouhaha is the new Partay". Anyway, hope you had a great time, enjoy being young(time goes by too quickly), and bless you very much! :)

Ioanna said...

I found out your blog all of the sudden! I like your column. Well, before 4 days I had my birthday too and I was thiking of my childhood... anyway

I am from Greece and I study Fine Arts and History 'n Arts. I am a postgraduate student.

Greeting from Greece xxx