Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tucker Turns Three

Portrait of a handsome young pup!
It's Tucker's birthday today! I can't believe he's already three years old. It just doesn't seem possible I've had him that long.

We actually got him over the summer, but as an obsessive doggy mother, I also celebrate his actual date of birth. He was so tiny when we first got him! I can honestly say I remember it like it was yesterday.

We'd gone to Vernon to take Super Granny back home, and she knew I'd been wanting a pup. Ever since I lost Cowboy, my childhood dog, there'd been a sort of hole. I love dogs, I always have. I always will. And I wasn't looking to replace Cowboy—let's face it, no dog could—but I was ready to move on.

It just so happened that Super Granny knew a guy in town who'd just had a litter of pups. Boston Terrier pups. We stopped by to take a look at them, but the guy wasn't home. I stared longingly at the puppies through the fence. Two left; a boy and a girl. That was the first time I saw Tucker.

I was worried, though. Since the man wasn't home, I was nervous he wouldn't get back in time and Dad and I would have to head home without a new little friend for me. So we killed time by grabbing lunch—a burger and fries—at what used to be Vernon's Dairy Queen. The whole time I was eating, all I could think about is how much I hoped someone would come to the door when we went back after eating.

Fortune was on my side, and when we had filled our bellies and trekked back to the house, someone did indeed answer the door. And he was more than willing to show us his pups.

I can't lie—growing up with Cowboy has made me partial to boy dogs. So I was the most interested in the boy. We chatted for awhile, me holding a squirming (and then sleepy) little black and white bundle of adorable in my arms. I had fallen in love. All that was left was hoping that Dad would agree and let me take the little guy home.

As I'm sure you can imagine, he did.

The car ride home was awesome. Tucker, who was then still unnamed, slept in my lap the entire time and was a perfect gentleman. The poor kid was covered in fleas, though. A result of being kept in a yard with absolutely no grass and several other dogs, I assume. Needless to say, since we had other pets at home, he had to get a bath before he could come inside.

Anyway, long story short, that's how I got my dog. Tucker. Three years ago this summer. He's been a blessing and a complete joy in my life. I can't imagine being without him!

Today, he's gotten several treats and lots of lovin'. And I even sang him the Happy Birthday song. Yes, my dog is a spoiled only child. (Just like his Momma!)

I'm thinking I'll have a legit birthday party for him when I can go home again. Mom and Dad can join us. There can be presents. It'll be awesome.

Happy birthday, Tucker. You're my number one special little guy!


June said...

Thanks for sharing Tucker's birthday and story! What an adorable little guy! I think the birthday celebration when you go home is a must...of course...presents and all:)

MissWoodhouse said...

Aw, squee!!! Happy birthday to Mr. Tucker! :)

Car Title Loans said...

I do the same thing for my dogs. I don't care that people think it's 'weird' to celebrate their dogs' birthdays, I think it's fun. And it's a perfect excuse to smother them with more attention then they already get. Did he get a load of presents?

Crimson Coral said...

lovely blog there!!!

Kaori said...

That is such a sweet story about how you two found each other! Happy Birthday Tucker :-D

Sarah said...

@June—Of course! Isn't he just precious? Definitely going to have a belated celebration when I get home for the summer!

@MissWoodhouse—Thank you from me, and from Tuck!

@Car Title Loans—I don't care, either. It IS fun. And they totally deserve the attention. He got a new bone! And some treats. :)

@Crimson Coral—Why thank you!

@Kaori—Thanks! I sure love my little buddy. :)