Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have a blog to share with you guys. I thought you might find it interesting! It came about in my Senior Seminar class—we were all split up into groups to work on a final project of sorts, and this blog is one particular group's project.

I give you, "Bathiti".

Bathroom Graffiti, if you will.
"I'm writing on the wall. TAKE THAT SOCIETY!"
The purpose of Bathiti is to expose those aspects of Texas A&M's campus culture that are rarely addressed in the open.

Since I'm suggesting you guys take a look at it, I feel it's only fair to give a disclaimer. There is definitely some 'inappropriate' material. So if you're easily offended...well, view at your own risk. But I promise, not everything is wildly inappropriate. Yes, a lot of the pictures are admittedly a bit shocking—especially if you know anything about Texas A&M—but there are some straight up funny pictures, too.

Like this, for example.
"To Mordor"
It would be awesome if you guys could check out their blog, and of course any feedback is welcome! These photos are pretty darn interesting, if I do say so myself. And I do.

It's kind of wild what people say when they have the freedom to remain anonymous.

So go on! Run over and check out Bathiti! And you Facebookers, you can even 'like' their Facebook page!

What are you waiting for? :)


elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting this Sarah!! We appreciate it!

Karate Los Angeles said...

More things I need to distract my day with. Bathiti is really some of the best stuff, I'm surprised more people haven't thought of this idea before. Where did you discover it?

Sarah said...


@Karate Los Angeles—Isn't it interesting? It came about in my Senior Seminar class. We have group projects, and one of the groups started up this blog. :)