Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey & Dressing & Pies, Oh My!

Thanksgiving. A day in which I eat lunch and dinner in elastic-waisted pants, never shy away from second helpings, and eat far too much pie than is necessary for any one human being. A day in which families come together to celebrate and stuff their faces with delicious, mouth-watering foods.

A day in which I was fortunate enough to see my Aunt Donna and Uncle Jim, along with my parents. Being off at school is hard, especially for someone like me. I'm a major family person. I have a great relationship with my parents, and in that I am truly blessed. I know this because I know several people who can't say the same. Or who flat out don't. Who, in fact, may even claim the exact opposite. Who dread going home for the holidays because their families drive them absolutely bonkers. I'm very grateful that that's not the case for me.

My Thanksgiving was excellent.

I slept in until eleven. Ish. My Aunt and Uncle had already arrived, so I made myself presentable as quickly as possible. (Remember, elastic-waisted pants. Easy-peasy.) My mom and my Aunt were already busy with food prep in the kitchen. My Dad and my Uncle were in the den watching football. And I flitted between both rooms—hovering over the pots and pans, which smelled absolutely heavenly, and sitting in for some conversation in the den as well. What can I say? Throw me in some comfy pants and a sweatshirt and I become a social butterfly.

But seriously.

The turkey was in the oven, potatoes were being peeled, onions were making us cry. The green beans, nearly forgotten amidst the rush of mashing potatoes, seasoning the main course, and readying the pies, were prepared last. We also had sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows, browned to perfection. Gravy, warm, thick, and perfect for topping. Dressing, ever the crowd favorite. We had a veritable feast laid out before us by the time we were done.
Red wine, to be sipped. Turkey, to be...gobbled.
Sweet potatoes + marshmallows = <3
Mashed potatoes. A personal favorite.

Green beans. Delicious!

And I re-learned some basic etiquette while I set the table. Spoon and knife on the right, fork and napkin on the left. Plate nestled between, of course. Though for our purposes, we made the napkins obviously accessible by plunking them smack in the middle of the plates.

I did this.
These plates are just begging to be piled high with food.

We gathered around the table and the food was served. For us, Thanksgiving dinner is more of a late lunch/early dinner affair. Somewhere around two or three, we settle in for a dining extravaganza. And since there's no rush, it can easily last several hours. Especially when one factors in the time spent sitting, slouched back in our chairs, desperately wishing we could unbutton our pants for a little breathing room (What did I tell ya? Elastic is the way to go...) while our food digests enough for us to have room for dessert.

Food options. Ready to be tabled.
The dinner table setup.
My hearty first helping.

This year, our dessert lineup consisted of three different pie options. Pecan, Pumpkin, Chocolate. A trifecta of deliciousness that would please even the most fickle of sweet-tooths. I should know. I have one of those, myself.

The trifecta.

By the time we had each snagged as many helpings as we liked, of both main course and dessert items, we were full to bursting. And once again we drifted out of the kitchen. My Dad and Uncle returned to the den for more football. My Mom and Aunt took over the living room, chatting to their hearts content. And once again I traveled from room to room, never one to miss out on any good conversation.

I was very proud of Tucker, who behaved like a perfect gentleman the entire time. Even though I'm sure his sensitive little doggy nose was overrun with smells that would make any persons' mouth water. He's such a good boy. He did his Momma proud.

Tucker wants to help make the dressing.
The only problem with Thanksgiving is that by the time the food has been eaten, everyone sort of slips into food-coma mode. In which case conversation can become sluggish. Eyelids start to get heavy.

And, as is always the case when concerning the things we enjoy, time simply flies by. Before I knew it, Aunt Donna and Uncle Jim were headed out. They had a bit of a drive and weren't keen to make it in the dark. I can't say I blame them. Especially on an evening when I'm prone to want to turn in early anyway.

I wish they could have stayed longer, but I'm just really glad I got to see them at all. And especially glad that I was able to make it home. It's been great to be with family for the past few days, and I'm admittedly unhappy that Thanksgiving break is basically over.

But I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope all of you did, too! And anyway, just think...Christmas is coming soon!


Linda Chapman said...

What a lovely post! And how blessed you are with family! And YOU are a special person to realize how blessed you are!

Sarah said...

Why thank you! :-)

I am most definitely blessed with an amazing family!