Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas at Starbucks

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Hands down. And Starbucks is my favorite coffee shop. Also hands down. So Christmas at Starbucks is like the ultimate Most Best combination of Christmas and coffee for me.

A few days ago, the holiday displays and decor were readied, the new merchandise put out. As an avid and self-proclaimed Starbucks enthusiast, of course I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new merch and check out the displays.

Gifts display. So cute.
The running theme this year is sharing and stories. Along with another adorable edition of the Bearista bear, Starbucks has introduced Huxley—a precious little mouse with a story to share. Not only is Huxley a handsome little fellow, he's also a writer. (You can see why he appeals to me!) And Starbucks has released companion books to go with the Huxley Mouse, as well as tumblers, mugs, and other items to continue on the theme of stories. 

I first learned about Huxley through my favorite Starbucks blog, If you love Starbucks as much as I do—heck, even if you just like it a little—Melody will have something for you over at her site. I highly recommend checking it out! Particularly this post if you want to learn more about Huxley and his books.

This is Huxley! Well...Huxleys. Aren't they precious?
They're guarding the awesome cold cup ornaments!

Another of my favorite items has made an exciting return to Starbucks! The Grande and Venti reusable cold cups with festive candy cane straws. I absolutely love these! 

And, pardon the brief interjection, I was browsing the Starbucks online store (which, by the way, sells replacement straws so if you lose yours, don't fret! However, you can't buy replacements of the candy cane straws; they're a seasonal item) and was kind of riduculously excited to find that Starbucks is now selling a Domed Lid for these cold cups! As far as I know, they aren't sold in stores, but at $2.95, I will absolutely be buying one. 

My only prior complaint about the reusable cold cups had been that you definitely couldn't have them make your Frappuccino in one if you wanted whipped cream. It was a mild complaint, since I'm generally a sans whip person anyway. But still. Yay!

I love the reusable cold cups! I have three.
Of course, I couldn't go browse and ogle the new merch without sucumbing to the urge to shop... Oh, don't act so surprised. Besides, I only bought one—wait, two, I only bought two things. What can I say? I'm a sucker for impulse buying and retail therapy. And Starbucks.

Starbucks goodies! I couldn't resist.
As soon as I laid eyes on the new (STARBUCKS)(RED) To-Go Tumbler, I knew I had to have it. This holiday edition mug was designed by Jonathon Adler. I love absolutely everything about it. In addition to the tumbler, there's also a new Starbucks card that shares Adler's funky and awesome design. And yes, I had to have the card, too!

It was love at first sight.

Darn right, it's custom!

Companion (RED) card! A match made in heaven.

I didn't manage to get pictures of every single new seasonal item—Sorry!—but there's a delightful abundance of Christmas and winter themed treats at Starbucks this year. They also have new holiday mugs, tumblers, ornaments, gift sets, and a lot more! And, of course, the holiday coffees, teas and hot cocoas. Including a Starbucks VIA Christmas Blend. There are also two new holiday Starbucks cards (not including the (STARBUCKS)(RED) card that I got!).

So if these pictures have done anything to whet your holiday appetite, take a cue from me and head to Starbucks to check out the new Christmas goodies!


Melody206 said...

Hi Sarah! I hadn't paid attention to the tumbler until your blog post. I love the heart on 'custom'. This is a really fun blog post - as is obvious, I love Huxley mouse too and I got one the first day it came out. Thanks for the mention of my site too. :) Now I have to get to a Starbucks and buy one of those tumblers.

Sarah said...

Starbucks has so much awesome merch out right now, it's hard to notice it all! I know I didn't get pictures of even half of the things, like the nesting tea cups and that great bear mug! But yes, the heart on 'custom' is one of my favorite little touches, too. :-)

I am definitely planning to pick up Huxley on one of my trips to Starbucks. He's adorable, and he's a writer mouse! Maybe he can help me out with MY writing! Hehe I just hope everyone who reads my post will check out your post on Huxley. I wouldn't have known the full story behind him without your blog!

Thanks so much for the comment! Always love when you drop in! :-D

Anonymous said...

unfortunately my local store does not have Huxley :( and they don't have that great heart tumbler. anyone know if Starbucks has "city" christmas mugs this season?? I keep telling my hubby to look in NYC but he says he's only seen a santa mug. Waaa and I was so excited to buy christmas starbucks merchandise this season

Sarah said...

Oh no! No Huxley! Well, in my post there's a link to Starbucks' online store [], which does indeed have Huxley for sale! You could order him there if he never turns up in your local Starbucks! :-)

As for city Christmas mugs, I haven't seen any of those, but they do have some pretty cute ones!

Mike "Kigen" Suazo said...

Seems like someone sold out to Starbucks... JK. Lol, it was funny to see you so excited bout all the new goodies & i gotta say, the stuff you bought is pretty badass.

Sarah said...

Oh man, I don't know exactly what being sold out to Starbucks means, but either way, I've been a Starbucks obsessed maniac for...almost ten years? Something like that.

I even had a Starbucks sticker on my first car. And I have a Starbucks shirt. And several mugs/tumblers/cups. Christmas tree ornaments.

I love everything about Starbucks, and I'm not ashamed! ;-)

And I agree, the stuff I bought is totally badass. Hehe
Thanks for the comment!