Monday, September 6, 2010

Retail Therapy

They say money doesn't buy happiness, but money does buy stuff. And I love stuff. Stuff makes me happy. So I'm not sure that that old adage is completely true.

After the first week of school, I was a little overwhelmed. One week in and I already felt like I'd been back in school for a month. Classes were intense, homework was piling up, and I was dragging bad on the way to the weekend. I'd been saving my tax refund money for an, uh, emergency. And I thought this was emergency enough.

That's right.

I find retail therapy to be extremely effective. I love shopping. To a fault. And I've been craving a new purse for a few weeks now. If you didn't know this about me, now you will—I have a handbag addiction. In a bad way.

So I took my friend Megan—actually, she took me, technically—and we hit up the shops.

We went a couple of different places, including the ATM, and I ended up with that new purse I'd been wanting. Plus my first official pair of Cowboy boots. YES. I am excited. I've been a Texan for my whole life, but I've never owned a pair of Cowboy boots. So now I'm a legit Texan, y'all! Whoop!

I'm super excited about my new stuff, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Hope you don't mind!

Here are my boots! I got 'em for a steal at a resale shop, but you know what? The soles look brand new. In fact, they all around look brand new, down to the interior. They're great boots—a good quality brand, and all. Plus I think they're friggin' adorable. And, if I'm being honest, I feel kind of like a bada$$ wearing them. What's not to love?!

LOVE the shape of the toes!

The embroidery is a darker green/teal than it looks here.
It's also actually three different shades of color.
Thanks camera flash.

Next is my purse. I'm kind of in love with it. Especially because it's actually called a Baby Fluffy. Is that not the most excellent style name for a purse? I mean, come on! Gotta love Juicy Couture. I've been wanting one of their handbags for awhile now. This weekend was my weekend to make that want come true. Here's my new purse! I already have the wallet to match!

"Once upon a time..."

Royal Juicy. I royally love this bag!

Choose Juicy? I did, thanks! ♥

For some reason the flash thought it needed to happen this time.
And casual love to my favorite True Blood trio on their cover of Rolling Stone!
(They're the, uh...naked ones covered in blood...)

The inside! I have always loved their little phrases!
Already found a spot for my headphones.

Just for fun—the wallet I already had.
Now I have a bag to go with it! Excite.

Ariat Cowboy boots, originally around $150, bought for $55.
Juicy Couture Baby Fluffy handbag, originally $175, bought for $89.99.
Satisfying the overwhelming urge to shop? 

What can I say? Retail therapy works!


MissWoodhouse said...

CUTE!!!!!! Love the boots- every Texan should have at least one pair of boots. ;) But the handbag! Squee! I've never been a Juicy fan, but I am now. Thanks for sharing the pictures; they brightened my day. :)

Maggie said...

Love your boots and the purse nice! I love purses too!

Heather said...

A Juicy bag?! *envious* =D

Sarah Thomas said...

@MissWoodhouse—I completely agree! I really do feel like an official Texan, now! And RIGHT? Is it not just the cutest thing? I’m glad to have converted a new fan! And I’m extra glad you enjoyed the pictures. I sure as heck enjoyed posting ‘em! :-)

@Maggie—Thank you! Purses are so easy to get addicted to… That’s my excuse, anyway! Heheh.

@Heather—I’ve been wanting a Juicy purse so long now, I’m kind of jealous of myself! Haha!

Jenna Clark said...

Fabulous boots! It's always nice to know I'm not alone in my Shamless-Shopaholic universe. I can't think of a better way to counteract the effects of real world-induced stress.

Sarah Thomas said...

You're definitely not alone! I'm a total shopaholic! I love to handle stress by shopping and having some Starbucks. :)

June said...

Oh, yes ma'am--I'm all about the shopping therapy:) I am planning a trip to Half Price Books tomorrow...felt the urge, as you said. Glad you were able to get such great deals! I love that part to pieces.I'm also a Texan--born and rasied here, but have never owned cowboy boots...or a hat for that matter. How about it--going to go for the hat and/or belt buckle too? It would totally complete the look, if you want to go that authentic:) But--you must simply post a picture of yourself in such get-up if you do! Enjoy your newfound, much deserved treasures!

Airali's Couture said...

Hi Sarah!! It's been a long time from the last time we wrote!! My english is always horrible, but I hope you will come to read my blog!
This post is very nice, although this isn't my style. But i like yours :)
How are you?? How about this summer? :)

Sarah Thomas said...

@June—Shopping therapy is excellent! And it almost never fails! I love Half Price Books. What all did you end up getting?
Maybe I WILL pick me up a cowboy hat and an oversized belt buckle one of these days. Complete the authenticity. I’m still so excited about my boots! It’s been rainy here so I haven’t been able to wear them much. I am today, though. Heheh.

@Ariali’s Couture—Hey! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Your English isn’t horrible at all. :-)
I’m doing great, how are you? My summer was over way too fast!

June said...

Sarah--I found a couple of books by an author that is new to me--Jen Lancaster. She is HILLARIOUS!! Her books actually make me laugh out loud...(I will warn that she loves to use quite a few 'choice words', but she is so funny that it doesn't bother me as it normally would:)
The 1st book of hers I read was "Such a Pretty Fat" and now I am reading "Bright Lights, Big A$$". She's a great read and has actually inspired me...which I was in dire need of. And has a new book out--"My Fair Lazy". OK..enough about me....glad you got to wear your boots. Do you carry the Juicy purse when you wear them? Trying to form a mental picture, lol! Happy writing....!!

Matt Bukaty said...

I diddle pooty.


Sarah Thomas said...

@June—I will have to check her out! I love a book that can make me laugh out loud! Thanks for the language warning, but it tends not to bother me too much in books. Unless it just seems like the author went out of their way to use bad language. I’m excited to check out her books now, thanks for the recommendation!
And yes, I do carry the Juicy purse when I wear my boots! :-)

@Matt—BAHAHAHAHA. You are so full of win.