Friday, September 17, 2010

Homework Overload

I hate when I realize I'm behind on things. Even though I always procrastinate, I'm still somehow shocked to find that I actually have things I need to catch up on. Like reading. And studying. And homework.

So that's where I'm at right now. I'm officially behind on my reading for every single class. Except for math. But we don't exactly have assigned reading, so much as...a huge and freakishly expensive book to refer back to if (read "when") we don't understand something just from the one lecture he gives over it.

Let's see...

All* of my books for this semester.
*Not pictured: Math Book.
Marriage Institution. I've done about half of the reading. We have reading quizzes, too, which fortunately I have read for both times. So far. The books for that class aren't hard to read, but it just takes time. And let's face it, I'm kind of lazy.

Campaigns and Elections. I confess, I have yet to read a single WORD for that class, except for checking the blog our professor keeps. (Hmm, and it's a blogspot blog...maybe I shouldn't admit to having done none of the reading on here...) This weekend I plan to catch up on the articles and text we have for that class. And I need to start my paper. Soon. Eek.

Sociology of Gender. I've article. Well, two, but it was for one assignment. And I've watched a video. The rest of the reading...not so much. Gotta play catch-up on that, too.

Shakespeare. You'd think this would be the class I'd enjoy reading for most. But even though I'm an English major, it takes me a little time to get into the groove of Shakespeare. He's not my strength. So I haven't done much reading for that class, either. Or started my out-of-class journaling assignments.

The kicker is, I have a Shakespeare test next week, a math test next week, and a presentation for my Marriage Institution class. The perk is, for Marriage Institution, once I'm finished working on the PowerPoint, my job is done. We split the work up in our group, so I don't have to worry about presenting. But still, it's extra on the plate and I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I have so much to catch up on this weekend.

But despite my complaining, I realized I may have given off the impression that I hate college. Which isn't the case. No, I'm just a chronic complainer. There's always something to complain about, I say. I know, not the most...positive approach. But try as I might, I always find myself back in the whining rut. So I wanted to take this moment to clear that up. Yes, I'm stressed. Yes, I'm ready for this semester, I hate my math class, I'm tired of homework and pop quizzes, but honestly? I don't know what I'll do with myself when I graduate. I've been in school for so long. I enjoy learning, going to classes... I've just historically never handled stress well. And I'm resistant to change like you wouldn't believe. So saying goodbye to summer in favor of waking up early, going to class, and stressing over tests is less than appealing.

But the secret of it is, in some ways, I embrace the stress. One, as a chronic complainer, it gives me something to talk about. And two, it makes me feel productive. And I'm happier when I feel productive.

So I'll try to keep my school-related updates from all being negative, because that's just no fun.

But this coming week, y'all?


Just yikes.


Matt Bukaty said...

you = me. for realz. aside from the resistant to change thing...obviously I'm not that lol *1600 miles away*

is your copy of The Tempest depressingly mutilated? or is it shrink-wrapped in plastic? I can't tell. Love. That. Play.


MissWoodhouse said...

Yuck! Don't you hate it when work piles up like that? It's so frustrating. :(
Do you know anyone in your Shakespeare class? When I took it, there was a group who would get together for two hours a week and read the play aloud together. Goes more quickly than reading on your own. :)
Anyway, I hope that you get a chance to get caught up! I'm sure you'll rock next week!

Heather said...

your stack of books looks way similar to mine! except i have one book for Shakespeare, and its MASSIVE.

• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

ah these books:|

Flávio Miguel Mota Pereira said...

you got homework overload i have got maths womework overload so we are in same situation

Sarah Thomas said...

@Matt—Haha! Yeah, true dat. And no, it’s not depressingly mutilated! It’s brand spankin’ new! So much so, in fact, that it is indeed still shrink-wrapped in plastic.

@MissWoodhouse—YES. I absolutely hate it. Even when it’s my own fault. Haha And I do know a few people! I just might have to try out that idea. It sounds way more fun than reading it out loud to Tucker!

@Heather—Yeah, our professor said we could have bought a huge book like that but she thought it might be easier for us not to have to carry it to class every day. Ha!

@Flávio—Yikes, I hate math homework overload. I’ve got some of that going on this weekend. And a test coming up. I feel your pain!

museumgirl22 said...

I'm behind on my readings too. Mainly, because I had a major group project--the first to go--in my Collection Management class. We were only in our third week and then BAM group project! At least it's done now :)

Sarah Thomas said...

Oh, I have the same thing! 3 weeks in and all! Group project. I'm actually meeting with one of my group members tomorrow to finalize the PowerPoint. Thankfully, our group is assigned to go last. Otherwise I feel our presentation would have been a disaster.

Glad you're already through with it! It's kind of nice to go ahead and get a big project grade out of the way. Good luck catching up on your reading! That's what I'll be trying to do, too! :-)

Sarah Thomas said...

Oh, and if I might ask, what is Collection Management? It sounds interesting!

June said...

I feel your pain, and you bring back so many memories, and in some strange way--a longing to go back to college...but not Shakespeare again. Or Math! I love learning in the classroom too and miss it much. But enough about me...again:)

Take some deep breaths.Take a walk. Read. Break. Read some more. You CAN do this!

Do they still have CliffsNotes? I think I may actually still have mine from Shakespeare class:)

Thanks for taking time to update us. It's always refreshing in some way to know you are out there...and not even that far from here. Almost like a kindred spirit. lol!

Happy reading!

Sarah Thomas said...

June, I understand! I know I’ll miss college once I’m done. But there are some classes that I will NEVER miss. Like math. Or Spanish. Yikes.

On CliffsNotes, YES. That’s how I’ll be surviving English. I’d much prefer to read Shakespeare than the other books for my other classes, but it’s always my English reading assignments that suffer most because those I can usually handle skimming or reading summaries of.

Thank YOU for taking the time to comment! It’s always much appreciated!

The Reading Bear said...

You have given me and idea, and as terrible as this sounds - I may have to take a photo just like that of my books for my classes. My appalachian culture and my anatomy book could eat me alive. 0.0

Sarah Thomas said...

That doesn’t sound terrible! It’s a pretty good way to visually explain just how overwhelming classes can be! I hate those books that make me fear for my life. Ha!