Monday, October 6, 2008

New Updates, Past Entries

That whole backdated entry thing can be handy, but then...if I update the posts, or...finish actually writing them...then they show up behind my newer posts (date-wise), and thusly are skipped over by the lovelies that are keeping up with this blog!

Here's a quick fix. :) These are the two technically-newest past-entry posts. And for the sake of convenience, I'll give a brief little...description of sorts. For both entries. That way you'll know if you want to check them out (or not).

First up in the farthest back newest entry, Do What You Feel.

This is a short little post + a funny little video! The best of both worlds, right?
 *nudge nudge*
The 'short post' part is a prelude to the video, which is a clip of my favorite show, The Simpsons. Coincidentally, it's also the show that taught me a number of valuable life lessons. And I can think of a Simpsons quote to reference just about anything you could say to me. But that's neither here nor there. Anyway, as it is a pretty short post, the title actually does sum it up pretty well. The clip is from an episode where Bart basically starts a movement, causing the town to "Do what you feel." The clip is of a newscast about the new so-called WayOfLife. Plus a little exchange at the end that always makes me laugh... :)

Second, a more...serious post, I am Pro-Life. You Have Been Warned.

This is a not-so-short post, probably falling under the category of "on the soapbox", so now you know in case you don't feel like reading it. 

It spawned from a different blog entry I read about Veep Candidate Palin, but it's not so much about her so much as what this other blogger called her; Anti-Choice. As opposed to Pro-Life. It is a stance post, and if you don't want to read it then don't. But in whole it's about how supposedly "un-biased" information can be so blatantly biased anyway. Example; it would be unbiased to state political figures' literal platforms. But by choosing "Anti-Choice" instead of Pro-Life, the bias sneaks in anyway. If you're going to be biased, you might as well admit it. Like I am now. My post is biased because I am Pro-Life, and I take offense to being called "Anti-Choice" by affiliation, because I would be jumped all over if I started calling Pro-Choice people "Anti-Life".

Anyway, as I was on the defense when I was writing it, it's hard to sum up the whole thing because it's a little more... erratic than it would have been if it wasn't an emotional topic for me.

So there, that's that. Those two posts have fallen under the radar because I started them but did not finish them before updating again. Read them if you want, I just wanted to make them stand out more.

You know, like they would if I had published them earlier. ;)

In OTHER news, Tucker has still been running me ragged. :)

He gets tired at a decent hour, but every now and then...just a little bit before he actually tuckers himself out, he'll get remarkably wound up.

He'll run circles around the living-room, and he's learned how to jump up on chairs. So he'll jump up on the sofa, run across it, jump down, run to one of our recliners, jump in that, wait, jump down, haul butt around in circles again... It's pretty fun to watch. It's crazy how much noise he makes, but I love listening to his little feet as he tears across the floor.

I recently bought myself a new digital camera. Time for an upgrade and all that. And it just so happened that the night I bought it was one of Tucker's get-hyper-get-happy nights. So I captured a lot of that on film.

Yep. You guessed it! That means *drumroll* a photo frenzy! See below! ;-)

"Is my yummy treet."

"Mah TREET! I dropt it!"

"Howd it git ovar ther??"

"Whatchoo lookin at?"

And now we're finished!

Now to go do my British Literature homework. So that I don't have to tomorrow. Peace, ya'll.


Mary Malcolm said...

Aww! He's so adorable. I love the pic of him from the bottom, looking forward. Wish I had a few pics like that of Ollie...he's such a funny dog.

As for Brit Lit, I say Bleh! I loved it before I started the class, truly I did. But who would have known my Brit Lit professor would only like tragedies... nothing but King Henry IV and Hamlet on my end right now. I'm so depressed I'm thinking Screw Denmark, there's something rotten in Arlington!

Sarah said...

Thanks! :-D I think some of the best pictures of pets (or really any animals) are ones where you're on their level. He was playing on the floor, so I was on my belly taking pictures. ;)
I need to post some pictures of my cat, Teddy. He is the most photogenic cat I've ever seen!

And yes. Brit Lit. I agree. I'm unhappy that I'm not liking it. Although I did like the story I just had to read. I think I'm just spoiled because I'm used to having Ms. Jocks for Creative Writing, so I keep wondering when we're going to get those kind of assignments or do those kind of discussions. Plus there's just a different group of people in the class. Creative Writing people are...unique. :)
Sorry your Brit Lit prof is only into the tragic literature. What a bummer!