Saturday, April 26, 2008

Plans Shmans

So sometimes it becomes painfully apparent that I actually have little to no control over my life. Don't take me too literally - I'm not saying bad choices = no responsibility, or that if I want to get up at 8am it's someone else's fault if I didn't.

No, I mean the more irritating and day-ruining kind of non-control. Like, when you're driving along and all is well, you pull a U, and suddenly my car is making a terrible CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-GRRR-GRRRRRR-GR! Or you know...something akin to it. And when you press down on the gas, your car is like, "No dude...ain't happenin'. Don't you hear that AWFUL NOISE I'M MAKING?!!!"

Yeah. This happened to me today. And I have proof! And by proof, I mean the above picture. And I totally had bigger and better plans. You know, the kind that don't involve pulling my car into the nearest community and parking in front of the house.  The kind that didn't have me waiting for about half an hour for my mom to come rescue me, and another half hour after that for the tow truck to come get my poor little car. (Which, if you're wondering, cost a ridiculous $92.50) The tow man said he thought it sounded like I blew my muffler --I later found out that I didn't blow my muffler. Instead, I broke a spark plug. Or something like that. Whatever. Anyway, moving along.

After my car was towed away, my mom and myself made a trip to Applebees. If you know me, or if you continue to read this blog, you'll already know or quickly learn that Applebees is one of my favorite places to eat.

I'm going to chase a rabbit here for a sec because I can and because I want to. And because I was discussing it with mom just the other day.

I eat for fun. 

Yeah, not a great thing. But also not quite what you think. I don't eat ALL the time, or even WAY TOO MUCH whenever I do eat. However, if you ask me where I want to go eat at, I'm going to pick somewhere I've been before. Somewhere I've been before and had a good time at. I tend to think of places to eat based on experience. For example, I love going to Applebees because I eat there a lot with my family. It's also one of the places that my dad and I have intellectual/political/religious/in-depth/worthwhile conversations. Which I always enjoy. So yeah. Applebees = love.

Here's one of the reasons why Applebees ROCKS. My mom ordered water, she always orders water. She cracks a joke about having lemon wedges to make it fancy. What does the waiter bring out?

THIS:: *see below*

Anyway, we did that. That was fun. But for the most part this entry was meant to be about how you can be going along with your everyday life and suddenly BOOM! It doesn't matter what you've planned, how far in advance you've planned it, how WELL you've planned it, or how well you didn't. Your plans have officially been altered. 

It can be very very irritating.


Anonymous said...

I feel ya. *goes to on time...hit by teenager...late for work*

What's the picture for Applebee's? It no show up. AND you said the 'water' brought it out...water can't bring things...or if it can I'm just out of the loop...or fancy....or dead.


Sarah said...

Okie-doke, I fixed the Applebee's picture AND corrected the 'water' bringing out the water.
Which, if you're interested, was simply missing an 'i' as it was intended to read 'waiter'.