Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Your Eyeballs are like Diamonds - A Poem.

Your eyeballs are like diamonds;
they probably cost a lot.
And if I tried to steal 'em,
I'd most likely get caught.

But you know, I'd think it's worth it
if for just one day
I could stare into your eyeballs
and daydream the time away.

But well, without eyes you couldn't see
and I'd feel pretty bad
if I knew it was all because
I wanted something I don't have.

So I guess you can keep them eyeballs,
and I'll look but I won't touch.
Because without those big blue eyeballs
I don't think I'd love you as much.

Creative Commons License
Your Eyeballs Are Like Diamonds by Sarah E. Thomas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


Matt said...

Haha. Wow. I just...hahhahaah!!!!

My personal favorite is that "eyeballs" rests next to "declarations of love" in the labels.

Anonymous said...

You're just a touch strange, love. Just a touch.

Anonymous said...

PAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was simply amazing, lovey. Simply amazing. PS-My eyes are like muddy emeralds... Not diamonds. But I'll let it slip. This time. :) -Heatherly

Anonymous said...

That's truly awesome!

צניעות [פמ''ב said...

It's a nice poem and a great blog. Did you try this variation? It evens the metre a bit: Your eyeballs are diamonds / as dear as they come / if i tried to steal them / i'd likely get caught... etc.

Check out my own literary attempts at Cheers!

Flávio Miguel Mota Pereira said...

do you know? the poetry is a shadow and you show it.
when we are afraid the shadow comes to the light and we make lots of poems like this.

congratulations, it was good.

let me introduce me: i´m a poeth from portugal, i have a book published in portugal.

about my preconcept of texanians i think im wrong, neither all them like cowboys and thats a prove of that