Friday, February 11, 2011

Find me on Facebook!

I did it, guys. I caved. Now you can become a fan—er, "like"—my blog on Facebook!

So any of you Facebook users are more than welcome to catch up with me at my page there as well! I'd be more than happy for the conversation to continue. I like interacting with you guys in comments, but Blogger's comment form doesn't make it as easy as it could be.

I've added a widget on the side of my blog to make it super easy for you—just click "like"! That page will allow me to post links whenever I publish a new entry, share pictures, and chat with you guys more personally.

Thanks again for the comments, readership, and support, you guys. Y'all are the best! :)


Kirthi said...

congrats on the Facebook! I recently quit Facebook though, and I'm debating on whether I should come back. if I do, I'd so join your page!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Kirthi! :-)

June said...

Well, of course I will 'like' you on FB! I am such a fan, after all:)

Sarah said...

Thanks, June! You're the best!