Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Math vs. Self

Day two of classes has wrapped up, so I've officially been to all of my classes once. I specifically planned my Tuesdays and Thursdays to be only my Business Math class. Me and Math have a long history of not getting along well. We argue constantly. We have a communication problem. Trouble is, I just don't understand Math. It's so hard to have a relationship with anything you just can't understand.

So I cleared my schedule for Math. This way I don't have any other focus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So I can get my homework done faster, or see a tutor, or join a study group, or go home and cry.

But, thank the Lord for small favors, there IS something to look forward to when it comes to this class.

Shall I explain? Very well.

I have Business Math at 11:10, which is nice. It means I don't have to get up at 7 EVERY day, although for the sake of keeping a routine I might try to. Anyway, this is also a big class. Which is good in some ways, bad in others. Good in that I know out of all of us, surely I'm not the only person who isn't good at math. Bad in that it's more intimidating to ask questions or speak up, and it could potentially be harder to include myself in on study groups because really, for me at least, it's usually harder to meet people in larger classes. I mean, they just have so many other choices of people to talk to. So we'll see.

And okay, yeah, I started off intimidated by this class, just because of the subject. I don't know how to stress just how NOT good at math I am. I'm sure you get the idea.

Our professor comes in, an unassuming looking man, tall and thin and very normal looking. At least I don't have an intimidating subject AND an intimidating teacher, right?

But then comes the small favor.

He starts talking.

He's Irish.

So, I may struggle with the concepts, and I may get a headache from the lessons, but at least I'll enjoy listening to the lectures!

And trust me, I really will get a headache from the lectures. We dove straight into notes today. He started covering stuff that "you should already be familiar with." Yeah, I'm not familiar with it. I vaguely recall learning it in high school, but that was pre-2005. So it's been awhile. And I didn't do great at it then. He covered a whole heck of a lot today, and if that's just supposed to be review, it's a pretty sure thing that I'll be working my tail off to keep up with this guy.

Oh well. By December, for better or worse, it will be over. And then I can call myself officially done with math forever, at least as far as my college career is concerned. Oh, happy day!

Until then, I'll just have to be prepared to...suffer through it.

Cross your fingers for me. 
I'm going to need it.


Patricia said...

I'm right there with you, minus the Irish instructor. I've started pre-cal this semester, with the full knowledge that math was the only subject I struggle with in high school. I kinda forced myself through the homework and was proud of myself for understanding the lecture, then the instructor dropped it: "The first few weeks of this class are misleading. I don't know why we cover this section in this class, but people who really shouldn't be in here think they can handle it. Then we move on to trig, and it gets much harder."


Meb said...

Nice cartoon to give us picture about what you learn today.

MissWoodhouse said...

Thank heaven for the Europeans, yeah? It sounds like math may not be a totally horrible thing, so hang in there! Remember, 2+2=5!

jnana said...

As long as you continue saying you don't understand math and you're not good at it, you won't be.

Peoples' capabilities are determined by their beliefs. You will start to understand it when you start believing you understand it.

Loryn said...

I took my only (last) math course my first semester of college, so everything would be fresh in my mind, unfortunately that didn't really help me because my professors first language was spanish- so she taught in broken english. NOT FUN. I actually had to read a math book... I had never done that before lol.

Hope math goes alright for you!

Tuesday's Child said...

Oh, I struggled with math in school too! The key is to find a handsome tutor to help you! I did and I passed Trig! Good luck to you!

Sarah Thomas said...

@Patricia—Ouch! Yeah, just the name “pre-cal” makes me want to run in the opposite direction! Maybe your instructor is just trying to scare you out of getting too comfortable?? I really hope your class goes well! Good luck!

@Meb—Thanks, I appreciate the comment!

@MissWoodhouse—Right?? Not totally horrible. Although…well, it’s just not my cup o’ tea. And don’t worry, I could never forget that 2+2=5! ;-)

@jnana—That’s very true; attitude has a lot to do with it. I just tend to assume the worst when it’s a subject that isn’t my forte. Thanks for the comment! I’m working on telling myself I can do this.

@Loryn—That’s a good idea! See, I took college algebra pretty soon after high school, and I thought it would count as my math credit, but when I transferred to A&M I found out it wasn’t a high enough math for them, so… Eek! But MAN, I can’t imagine trying to comprehend math whilst also trying to comprehend their accent and broken English! And thanks! I hope it goes alright for me, too! :-)

@Tuesday’s Child—Handsome tutor, that’s on my to-do list! Heheh. Thank you!

June said...

Sarah....sigh....I've missed reading and commenting. School--my reason for being away--only I refer to my child starting Kindergarten:) Busy, stressful, emotional.... Ok--enough about me. Loving your posts as usual--all the way back to the last 3 parts of the story you posted. Everything has been great (no surprise here!). Sometimes I think you are my sister:)You remind me often of myself--so much in common, lol!And--just so you know--Math and me don't get along either. Not even a little! But English Lit.--oh, yeah! Your semester seems busy, busy, busy...I wish you the best. Hope you can post now and again and keep us all up to speed with how things are going. I am sure you are a delight to your teachers--in your writing/research papers. And, as far as getting to know people, I can't imagine anyone taking the time to know you, regretting it! Here's to a great semester...!!

Peace said...

Well, this is my my first visit to here. I think I have the same problem with Math sometimes, my brain just stops working! Maybe you should start enjoying it and do it do for fun.

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Sarah Thomas said...

@June—I totally understand! I’ve been meaning to update more but life keeps getting in the way! But I definitely plan to find time to keep you guys up to date! Thanks so much for the kind comment, and I hope your little one likes Kindergarten. That was one of my favorite years for school. :-)
And thanks so much for reading my story! I’m very glad you liked it!

@Peace—Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Math totally tends to make my brain go on a break. Ha! I like the idea of trying to make it fun. Maybe I can convince myself that I’m doing it by choice. Which, I guess I am, since a degree isn’t mandatory…I just really want one. Haha. ^_^