Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day!

Everyone knows Texas doesn't exactly see a lot of snow. So when the weatherman predicted snow for us here in College Station, I didn't exactly have faith that I'd see any. When I left for my first class of the day at noon, it was nasty. Rainy. Cold. Wet. Everything I'm used to getting here in Aggieland when Dallas is getting actual snow. But, lo and behold, when I left my Class in Contemporary Society class, it was snowing! Actual snow, not Texas snow—otherwise known as sleet—but actual fluffy white flakes. We even got enough snow that evening classes were cancelled, which was great news for me. I was really feeling like a lazy bum who didn't want to go to class tonight. Fortunately, I didn't have to!

So, I've spent the day at the apartment watching movies with my roommate, with a brief excursion to campus to take some pictures; proof of this amazing snowy event!

And those pictures are as follows...


Matt Bukaty said...

i still maintain the snowman's eyes look like poo. or mud. not rocks. just sayin'. toodle-loo!


p.s. enessit

Sarah Thomas said...

I swear they're rocks! Haha! :-)