Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day and a Soapbox

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! Or, Happy Single's Awareness Day! Whichever applies to you. As it happens, I am celebrating the latter. By watching the 2010 NBA All-Star Game.

I hope everyone is having and has had a great holiday Sunday, whether it was and is being spent with a significant other, or with your best friend, or your beloved pet, or yourself.

Second of all, I'm pulling out my soapbox this evening because I've just had 'one of those days'. Not bad, in particular, really. Just not outstanding. Although it's looking up. But just the same, my soapbox topic of the night is "Social Niceties". If you're not in the mood for a soapbox post, by all means take my wish of a Happy Valentine's Day and leave now. :)

And now... *clears throat* *climbs up on soapbox*

Social niceties:
Two little words that represent the common person's effort to behave in a way that is polite and inoffensive to others. Two little words that are very underrated. Two little words that are dangerously close to becoming extinct.

Perhaps it's the simple fact that what one person might consider rude, another could find absolutely acceptable. Maybe it's that people are too hard to please. There are too many ways to offend, irritate, befuddle, or otherwise cause people to react in a negative way. It would be impossibile to know who's going to not want you to do what, when, where, and why, etc.

I get that. That makes sense. I mean, I'm not about to turn my phone on silent when I'm expecting a call just because someone could be momentarily interrupted. Because then what if I miss my call? It could be important, ya'll. And I'm not going to stop drinking bottled water in class because one or more people don't like the sound it makes when I unscrew the cap. But to me, those are little things. Acceptable things. Forgivable things.

To me, social niceties are more...general. All encompassing, if you will. Like, things that I can't imagine are only irritating or confusing or unnecessary to me. Like answering your cell phone whilst in a movie theater. Or really, okay, anything involving a cell phone in a movie theater. Short of maybe checking to see who called/texted you. But if it's important enough that you need to respond ABSOLUTELY!RIGHT!NOW! I-Mean-It's-Life-Or-Death-You-Couldn't-Possibly-Even-KNOW! then it's important enough that you take it outside and deal with it. Because let's face it; no matter how well you angle your phone to direct it's mighty-light-screen at you and not the rest of the theater, and no matter how quietly you try to text (with the exception of the iPhone because dude, I have one, and it's literally a silent-texter. But it's still friggin' bright!) I can still hear your fingers on the keys if I'm near you, and so can whoever else is sitting next to you, and even if you have your phone on vibrate, YEAH. I can STILL hear that, Chuck!

And another thing. Cell phones and public restrooms just do not mix. I mean, personally I don't care if whoever I'm talking to on the phone uses the restroom while they're talking to me. If you can do it and I don't ever have to know, then hey, you're pretty stealthy, good on ya'. It really only becomes awkward when it's...lets just say 'obvious'. In my (humble) opinion, what's really awkward is when you're in the bathroom, someone else is in there with you, and you hear their phone ring. And they ANSWER it. Mid-whateverthey'redoing.

And they're all like, "Hello? Yeah, hi Mitzy. No, I'm not doing anything. I'm just ON the TOILET. And other people can HEAR ME TELLING YOU THIS. Now let's talk about what we're going to eat for dinner. WHILE I'M PEEING. Because no matter what they say, that's not weird. AT ALL."

I mean, is it just me? Am I the only person perplexed by this? I mean, I'm pretty sure Mitzy, or Bob, or whoever it is calling will understand if you say, "Hey, sorry I missed your call. I was in the restroom." Or did that become unacceptable at some point? I don't know. Frankly, it doesn't come up much. I'm really more of a texter than I am a caller. And I will say that texting in the bathroom doesn't freak me out. I mean, it's texting. It's kind of funny, but it's no big deal.

I don't know. I hate to be all, "How about I get up on my little soapbox now?", but I've had one of those days where one or more of these things has happened to me, near me, or whatever you want to call it, so I've been in one of those moods where I feel irritated. But then at the same time I'm thinking, "What if it's just you? What if no one else cares? What if this doesn't bother anyone else?"

So I just have to know. Am I overreacting? Am I the one acting strange because I don't get these new trends in public behavior? If so, that's really okay. I've been known to be a little behind picking up on this stuff. It just throws me off.

I realize that this is a bit disjointed, not well put together, babbly, and a bunch of other terms I'll think of later, so I hope it's not too confusing to read. I mean that. Haha, no really. No sarcasm intended this time. :-P

Maybe I'll make up a list soon. Sarah's Social Niceties. A list of things that I try to do or not do because I think they're not appropriate for anywhere but at home or in the car. I don't know. Sounds like a lot of work to me.

Anyway. That was all. That's all I've got. Using cell phones in movie theaters is a no-no on my social niceties list. And so is answering the phone in the bathroom. Or walking into the bathroom, talking on the phone, walking into a stall, sitting down, and still being on the phone up until the point where you've left the bathroom. It's weird. It's just weird. Plus I'm thinking, what if I don't want Mitzy or Bob or whoever you're talking to to hear ME peeing? Isn't that my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT?!

Odd. It's just odd.

I'm going to make a poll. That's what I'll do. To find out who else thinks this stuff is weird.

Don't laugh. It'll be up shortly. And then you should answer it. Because I don't think I'm completely crazy. It can't just be me.

But hahaha, how funny would it be if I was all, "I'm updating my blog while I'm in the bathroom talking on my bluetooth headset."? That would be pretty funny.

But I'm not.




Matt Bukaty said...

Huhuhuh. I agree. When I went and saw The Wolfman the other day some douchebag was not only on his phone checking his facebook and obviously NOT trying to hide it...he had his HEADPHONES in listening to music. WHY ARE YOU AT THE MOVIES YOU CLOWN?!?!??

And I just told you, don't really talk on the phone in the bathroom...probably because typically there isn't a whole lot of sitting...unless...well...ahem.


P.S. Eletint.

Sarah Thomas said...

Ugh! That's SO ANNOYING! He may not be interested, but I can bet YOU sure as heck didn't pay your ridiculous NY movie ticket price of 12 and a half bucks to be distracted by that guy and his Facebook.


And...haha yes, I see!

Anonymous said...

I say go get the manager or someone who can tell him to turn it off or leave. After all you are supporting the theater buying tickets for the movie, you expect a good experience.And as far as talking on the cell phone while IN the bathroom no matter what you are doing is just plain unsanitary! I took Microbiology and if you only knew what they were growing on their phones by doing that they would just throw it away and get a new phone. That is just gross! I agree with you Sarah! LOL I have an account but its been so long since i have been on, I can't figure out what it is! ~Becky Crook~

Sarah Thomas said...

Hah! That's not a bad idea. Maybe next time I'll bring some managerial attention to the cell phone issue.
And yuck! I can only imagine the germs festering on cells that get used in the bathrooms. Gross!
Also, I hate when that happens! I mean, when I forget what my username/password is. Annoying! :-P
Thanks for the comment, Becky!

Melody206 said...

That was a good blog post. No, I don't really understand the need to talk in the bathroom, and/or answer a phone in the movie theater. It's just weird.

We all have our small things that get us. Social niceties also means that people who are getting off the elevator, or off the bus, get off first before new entrants force their way on.

On only a slightly related note, I've never understood the need that people have to get on an escalator and stop and stand. You can keep moving. In fact, we'll all go a little faster if we keep moving. Okay, so you don't want to keep walking and you want a ride? Fine, but please don't block the elevator by two people standing side by side so now noone else can get through. Alright, sorry about the rant.

Take care!


Sarah Thomas said...

Haha! I am admittedly guilty of standing still on the escalator. But if anyone were ever to want to pass me, I would happily let them. :)

I'd certainly like to consider myself someone who wants to be 'socially nice'.

And I do know the annoyance of standing side by side. On a few occasions where I HAVE been so inclined to walk up the escalator, I have been blocked by this very situation. It isn't so neat. Ha!

l.m.nitrini said...

That´s right, I agree, people shout while talking on their cell phones everywhere, it´s ridiculous.I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and this problem also happens here in the restrooms.
What a pity! Not polite at all.

Dawn said...

This was hysterical.
I once had someone in the bathroom talking on the phone in the next stall and I thought they were talking to me.
"So, what's up?"
"Not too much," I said. Thinking, we'll, I'm on the bleepin' potty, dude.
"When you getting home?"
I'm thinking, what the--then realized she was on the phone.