Monday, August 25, 2008

Potty Humor

Just a little something I discovered in the restroom of a whole foods store.
It's quite catchy.
I dare you to read it and try to keep it out of your head.

See? It's stuck now. You'll be repeating it for hours.

Or it's just me.

It's possible.

I'm just sayin...


Mary Malcolm said...


I wish they had signs like that in the University elevators...

"Be a sweetheart, please don't fart." "We know you've got one in the shoot, but squeeze your cheeks and please don't poot."


"B.O.'s bad as we all know, so grab some deodorant and get with the flow."

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

LMAO my grandmother had a sign like that in her back bathroom ^_^

Truth Unleashed said...

Why, why, WHY did you have to post this? I read that annoying little rhyme in a book a couple of days back and I only just got it out of my head . . . and then you had to go and put it right back in there!

In other words . . . keep up the good work! I love funny signs!