Monday, May 20, 2013

A Short Short Story

A trick of the light. A strong gust of wind through the branches and he's there.

The wind settles and he's gone again. 
Was he even there in the first place? 

A trick of the light. Or maybe much more. A glimpse of the truth behind the veil. A brief and fleeting moment of utter reality, wherein he has no where to hide. 

Wherein you realize—you should be the one hiding. 

But where did he go? 

Gone again with a gust of the wind. 

Perhaps just a trick of the light.


Ariel Eishen said...

Oooo, I like. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Ariel! said...

I like what you wrote...makes a person wonder...very good writing...maybe you should use that English major to become a're a great should further that with your degree...just a thought (if you haven't thought of it already).