Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time Flies, and a Video

So it's already February. March. (Yeah, see what I did there?)

What the heck. How is this possible?

I know my parents always told me not to rush this whole growing up thing, that one day I'd want to go back instead of rushing forward, but I mean... I didn't think they'd turn out to be so right. At least not this soon.

But the thing is, I'm 25—26 soon enough, and now I feel like time is flying.

And not just 2013 specifically, although true enough, it seems like I was ringing in the New Year just the other day and definitely not over two months ago. Just in general, I wish time would slow down.

Every year has me reevaluating where I'm at, what I'm doing, what I've been doing, and what I'm planning to do. It's not like my future is bleak, but am I really living up to the standards I set for myself as a child? All those fantastic dreams, like being a New York Times Bestselling author, or a critically acclaimed artist, or a highly sought after lawyer, or a dinosaur?

And then I start to stress about how I'm not doing any of those things, and I start freaking out thinking I'm running out of time because I'm 25-almost-26 and what have I done with my life?

But then I take a deep breath, and tell myself to calm the heck down because I'm only almost 26, and I have plenty of time and I really shouldn't panic.

Besides, mid-midlife crisis aside, I'm actually pretty happy with my life right now.

Now, to wrap up this mildly introspective and very random post, a video. (Notably, the first personal video I've ever posted here, just sayin').

This is my blogging process.


Kirthi said...

Hallo Sarah!
Oh my goodness, I'm experiencing the same thing: except I'm 16. I still have no idea what I want to be, where all my friends do. Accountants, neurologists, models etc... AHHHH! Registration for my new classes for Junior year starts Monday and I'm freaking out.

And Sarah, don't ever give up hope of being a bestselling novelist: it will happen if you keep trying!

Best of luck!

wildflower_eyes said...

There's something so relaxing about blogging at Starbucks! Speaking of, have you tried the new Hazelnut Macchiato yet?

Johanna White said...

I can definitely empathize with you, and how about this for a little boost: Silver lining is you are at least heading in a straight line. :) What I mean by that is, I am about to graduate in less than two months with my Masters in Leadership (this will be my third business degree), and only a few months ago realized.... I don't LIKE business!

How is that for irony?! Still, I hear it's a common sentiment among us twenty-somethings. Chin up! From an outside perspective, you're on your way!


Sarah said...

@Kirthi—Hello! Thanks for reading and commenting! :) I was the same way when I was 16, no idea what I wanted and a lot of my friends did! But don't worry, it'll all work out! Right now my job isn't even in the same field as my degree, so it's not like you're totally locked in. :)
And thank you! I definitely won't give up that dream, and I appreciate the encouragement! Good luck with your registration!

@wildflower_eyes—I completely agree. I do a lot of my blogging at Starbucks (even if I do get super distracted and take forever to finish a post!) And yes! I have tried the Hazelnut Macchiato! Have you? :)

@Johanna White—That's true! And dang, that's so frustrating! I had a friend that went through the same thing; four years in and almost finished with her degree and she realized she didn't want to pursue that anymore! It's definitely common among us! :) Thank you for the silver lining and the kind words!