Friday, April 6, 2012


What I'm staring at when I stop typing.
I keep opening my blog, staring at the screen, and thinking to myself, "I really really need to update."

I think something has happened to me since I graduated college—I mean, besides the inexplicable laziness. It's like every since I graduated, I have this strange feeling that nothing interesting happens to me now. Which, frankly, isn't true. I mean, I did just take a almost-two-week-long trip to Atlanta, I'm working, and I still paint the town red when I get a chance.

But my writing life? So stagnant. It's shameful.

I think part of me is being 'rebellious'. I'm out of school; I have no assignments, papers, homework. I don't have to write, and you can't make me!

I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed in myself. I'm supposed to love writing, right? I mean, love it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've had this exact same pep talk with myself before—if I love writing, why am I resisting? Why don't I sit down and write every day?

The answer, I think, is a lack of discipline. Because, really, I should be doing just that. Don't get me wrong, I haven't completely stopped. I journal a lot, and I've blogged some. But the fiction? Not happening lately.

I've got to change that. I fall back on excuses; "I'm uninspired!" "Writer's block!" "I don't have any good ideas!" These are poor excuses. If I always waited for inspiration, I'd hardly ever write. The best way I've found to beat writer's block is to blow through it by force. I have plenty of ideas—I think a more accurate excuse in that vein would be, "I'm afraid of not being able to adequately express my ideas in writing."

Even now, I'm babbling along desperately, hoping to wind up with a fair blog post. But really it's just babble. I guess I should get to my point.

If there's something you love doing, do it. Even if you're afraid of failure. It's worse to not try, or to stop because you don't want to disappoint yourself and others. Keep doing what you love, even if it's just for your own personal enjoyment. Half of the things I write, no one ever sees. Or only close friends and family ever read. But to love something is to do it anyway, tune out everything else and get lost in it.

This post is meant for me as much as anyone else—Motivation. Encouragement.

Because, for me, there is nothing quite as satisfying as the act of creating something. Words on a page, art on canvas, anything.

When in doubt, create.


Matt Bukaty said...

Um, yeah basically! I was going to add my two-cents, but you pretty much nailed it. My approach is just blow through the writer's block. Or the bad writing, whichever happens to come first. Usually my first attempts at overcoming the writer's block aren't good ones, but hey, you fall down, you pick yourself up and keep going. And do rewrites. Lots and lots of rewrites :)

--ocoesla lsolloce

Kate said...

Yup... I'm pretty much in the same boat. I love writing, I've been doing it longer than I care to admit, but haven't worked on my book in over a month, for shame.

I too am lacking discipline. So since I'm not writing, I decided to take pictures instead.

Bennett said..., where writer's block is given The Finger... I would suggest sticking to the web app, however, as it is free. Happy writing :D

Marie said...

I thought the same thing after graduating. I've noticed I started putting down books and picking up the remote. I also write for my job, so I figured I stopped writing because I wrote so much at work. Then I had a break through, and maybe this will work for you. Whenever something happens in the media or politics, respond! Log onto your blog, and just vent out how you feel in a concise manner. It will help get the creative juices flowing.

Sarah said...

@Matt Bukaty—Yes, blowing through the block is really the best way to break the block. Or to wince as the bad writing flies out and just let it happen; it always improves eventually! So...many...rewrites... :)

@Kate—So good to know it's not just me! I'm the same. I've been writing since I can remember, honestly. But I haven't added a word to any works in progress in months. How's your picture taking going? I love taking pictures. Of almost everything. Literally. ^_^

@Bennett—Excellent! I will check out this website! xoxo

@Marie—Me. Too. The remote is now my best friend, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I really like your idea about writing responses to media and politics. Anything to get the writing happening! Thanks for the suggestion!