Thursday, March 25, 2010


I’m just sitting outside, enjoying one of the most beautiful days ever here on campus. It’s a delicious 62 degrees, the sun is shining, the sky is that perfect shade of blue, and the wind is just frisky enough to kick up some leaves and tousle the hair. In other words, it’s a perfect day. If you ask me.

It’s days like this that make me really want to stop and smell the flowers. In fact, it’s days like this that make me really understand how appealing stopping and smelling flowers can be. But not just flowers. Also freshly mowed grass. Or crisp, clean air.

I’m one of those people who likes to sit around. And not just in the “couch potato” sense of the word. On a beautiful day, I can just…sit outside. There doesn’t have to be a book to read, or a laptop to distract me with internet and YouTube, or an iPod to listen to (although that can be quite enjoyable as well!).

No, sometimes the best afternoon is spent sitting under the shade of some lovely trees and just being. I love listening to the wind in the trees, birds, heck I’m in such a good mood right now that I don’t even really mind the distant sounds of construction. It’s the outside noises, those are the ones I’m loving right now. There are people walking by, talking on phones, talking to eachother. Footsteps. They can sound so different, it’s kind of amazing. Bikes. Skateboards. Or, my favorite, the cadets boots clack-clacking on the concrete.

Days like this remind me that no matter how bad things seem, or how down I get, or how stressed classes make me, there will always be another great day somewhere along the line. It might not be tomorrow, it might not be next week. But it will come. Just like this day did. And when it’s time, I’ll love that one, too. Life is precious, so so precious. And it is, indeed, a terrible thing to waste. That’s what days like this make me think. And you know, it’s kind of really comforting. My life, even on the worst of days, can be revitalized by the sun and the sky and a breeze and some time spent just existing, without worry, without care, without a deadline.

And I call that bliss.


Matt Bukaty said...

Mmm. I miss that about Texas. It's hard to relax in New York

I also don't approve of the word "crisp"...just sayin :)


Melody206 said...

Sarah that is a very cool post. It looks beautiful there. 62 degrees is spring weather! Also, did you update you blog layout? I like it a lot!

Sarah Thomas said...

Matt—Yes, that's one thing I really enjoy about Tejas. It's not too hard to find a nice spot to relax in! :)

Also, "crisp" was an appropriate word choice, so there.
But I apologize since you hate it. ;)

Sarah Thomas said...

Melody— Thank you! That day was definitely beautiful. I wish another like it would come around!

And yes, I did update my layout! Glad you like it. :-D

Dr. Mac said...

Congratulations on being named a Blog of Note. I have just discovered your work and plan to stop by often.


Kess said...

That sounds idyllic Sarah :) I love days like that!

c0ffeel0ve9x said...

very nice

Sarah Thomas said...

@Dr. Mac—Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. :-)

@Kess—Yes, those kind of days are the best! I wish they'd turn up more often!

@c0ffeel0ve9x—Thank you. ^_^

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