Monday, January 4, 2010

Awesomely Ordinary

I'm so excited to let you guys know about this new blog that I've been invited to contribute to! It's called Mary Malcolm's Awesomely Ordinary Blog, and it definitely is awesome. I just posted my first entry, so you should all go check it out. And comment. And enjoy the awesomeness that is this awesomely ordinary blog.

One of the things that I love about this blog is the title. Awesomely Ordinary. I've been thinking and I've decided that awesomely ordinary really is a great thing to be. Because being ordinary doesn't mean you can't be just as awesome as anyone else. It's all about personality. And I promise you'll find plenty of personality from the contributors at Mary's blog.

That being said, I'll wrap this post up. Keep it short and sweet, so you have no excuse not to meander over to Mary Malcolm's Awesomely Ordinary Blog and browse the entries.

Enjoy! And here's to being awesomely ordinary!


Melody206 said...

That's very cool that you get to write a guest post for someone else's blog. And I like your take on the title of the blog. Yes you can be both awesome and a ordinary!

Sarah Thomas said...

I thought so, too! And thank you! :-D