Monday, January 26, 2009

Spontaneity, Thou Art Achieved

Still in an attempt to better myself in the ways outlined by my belated New  Years
 Resolutions,  I made a very spur of the moment trip with a couple of friends just across the Oklahoma border.
To gamble.

Yes, we made a mini-road trip to the Winstar Casino and, although none of us three walked away millionaires, or even thousandaires, we had a really fun time.

And I have pictures to prove it.

Behold! Evidentiary support that will without a doubt prove to you, the esteemed members of the virtual jury, that I have in fact succeeded at least a little in the area of increased
What you are about to see will prove that 
without a shadow of a doubt--

I gave this one some 'special effects' since it was blurry in the first place.

A pretty spiffy fountain, if I do say so myself!

Mel tries her luck!

At one point, luck seemed to be on my side for once! I had put in a $20 and lo and behold, I'd increased my assets by a little, totalling $50 from that one twenty I'd put in. Instead of behaving sensibly, like I'd told myself I'd try to do, I figure what the hay, maybe I can turn that fifty into a hundred! Here I am, wearing a very proud grin as I wait for the machine to finish counting up my last win:

So things are going fine (if you overlook the fact that I only have a dollar left to my name, at least as far as the casino is concerned) and we're all having a great time. This one machine we keep coming back to. It's pretty fun. It's called "Poppit".
Now I really don't know much, okay anything, about gambling, but I know that I can press buttons as good as anybody I know, so this game totally appeals to me. But I guess at some point during my avid button-pressing, I offend the leprechauns dwelling inside, because the next thing I know, the machine stops working...

I wasn't quite sure what to do, so Megan took it upon herself to track down an employee. Of course as soon as she walked away, someone else came and fixed my machine. And since I had pretty much no cell signal (Thanks AT&T for raising the bar!), I couldn't call her to let her know I'd found someone, or rather that someone had found me, so she eventually returned with someone who was likely not too thrilled to arrive only after the problem was solved.

But still!

It was, all in all, a fantastic time! I tried something new, something I'd never done, and it was a blast. I'm no where near wealthy enough (or irresponsible enough) to gamble very often, but I'd definitely go back. 

So there, that's my little pat on the back for seeing one of my New Years Reso's come to pass. 

Spontaneity. Thou art achieved.

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