Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Edition of the Four Legged Variety

Today I got a puppy! :) And I can't lie, he's pretty dern fantastic! 

This morning began with taking my Grandmother home. We'd picked her up for our annual family reunion, which was Friday/Saturday, and by Sunday she was ready to head back. I'd been talking about wanting a puppy for a long while now-- really just ever since my best friend Cowboy left us-- and she mentioned that she knew a guy in Vernon with puppies for sale. So of course I was eager to join dad on his trip to take her home.

Needless to say when we got to town I was all excited and ready, hoping that I'd get a puppy but trying not to be too hopeful. She showed us where the guy lived, and we saw the puppies in the yard. Well, the two puppies + momma + papa. But no one was home. So we went to her house, grabbed her paper, and checked the ad. Which said to call between 3 and 7.

It was 1:45.

So we went to eat at a little place called Fred's. Used to be a Dairy Queen until they stopped being able to pay for the franchise fee, so now the food is still the same, if not better, and it's more fun than eating at a DQ because you can do that anywhere.

Anywho, after we ate it was nearly 3:45. Yeah, we took our sweet time, fo' real. So we headed back for the guys house and went to the door. Calling, even after three, had failed to get us an answer.

Luckily he was in fact home, and he showed us the pups. They had one boy and one girl left. I've always been partial to boys. I say 'always' like this happens often for me, or like I've lived very long, but just the same. In my experience, I am biased to the boys. Both were sweethearts. So cute, really sweet. But in the end, I picked the boy.

Here he is. :)

Ridiculously cute, huh? :)

And he was a complete angel on the way home! The drive from Vernon to Midlo is a good 3 hours, if not more. Plus we had to stop for gas and such. And my little guy slept for nearly the entire time. In my lap. Curled up and fantastically adorable.

Needless to say, I've already taken many many pictures of him, and will take hundreds more just within this first week. What can I say? I love my babies. I love taking pictures. Put the two together and you have documentation to the extreme.

And many more blog posts, I'm sure, as it's been a while since I've had a puppy. Since I've had to take care of, housebreak, feed, train, etc. a puppy.

Mom and Dad love him. They even helped me, or should I say, let me help them, give him a bath when we got home. Poor little guy was covered in fleas. :( But after a good scrub (apparently Dawn detergent does a mighty fine job of killing fleas!) he was minus almost all of the fleas and cleaner to boot!

I just hope he gets along with our other dog, Kelsi, and our cat, Teddy. But this little fella will be an indoor dog. In fact, he's staying in my room tonight. Also because if he needs to go out for a potty break I need to be able to hear him telling me so. :)

So tomorrow we need to set him up with a vet appointment, not to mention name him. We've all got a few ideas, so we're going to collaborate and vote. Just like we did with Cowboy. Worked well then, so hopefully this time will be no exception.

Welcome to the clan, little buddy! 

Here's to many years of us loving the dickens out of you!


Anonymous said...

puppy puppy puppy puppy...

-teen slice.

Mary Malcolm said...

The new puppy is absolutely adorable! I'm sorry I haven't been able to come on here and tell you sooner, but work is kicking my bootay. But he's adorable. Does he sleep with you? How old is he? I hope you're doing really well! Did you take summer I classes? They're over now, right?

Maybe we can get together sometime next week and have lunch, or coffee! We still haven't done that and it feels as if summer is slipping right through my fingertips. *sigh* I miss the schoolyear. *lol*

Sarah said...

Thanks! :-D He's...I think 10 or 11 weeks old now! And he didn't sleep with me at first, but he has a few times now. I think he gets cold because he always snuggles up against my shoulder...Or my neck. Face. Head. :) It's cute. And he SNORES! It's wonderful!

I'm taking Spanish this summer, and a Govt. Spanish 1 just ended and I'm moving on to Spanish 2 starting the 8th I believe. But I'd LOVE to get together! My classes keep me busy most of Tuesday/Thursday but other than that, I don't have much going on. Wednesdays are probably good for me, and Fridays or Saturdays. Let me know when is good for you and we'll hook something up! :-P